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COM 365
Newspaper Layout & Design
• Lines and rules are basic to composition
• Lines can convey pathways for eyes to
follow to the center of interest in a photo
• Line can define shapes and boundaries
Antonio Melo, left, and Hector Martinez of Ringer's Erectors carry a steel purling into place on
the roof on the new Youth Development Center at the Boys and Girls Club on Davis Boulevard
in Naples, Fla. The new building will house science, art, and computer labs, a homework hall,
games room, teen center, commercial kitchen, and area for future expansion. David Ahntholz,
Naples Daily New
Members of the combined military color guard search for markings on
the ground in front of the stage as snow covers the site on the west
steps of the Capitol building in preparation for Thursday's inauguration
of President George W. Bush. Smiley Pool, The Dallas Morning News
It takes two U.S. Coast Guardsmen to clean the lens of Point Conception
Light west of Santa Barbara, California, a time-consuming chore that
volunteers may one day handle. / National Geographic
Maksim Anisimov, BLR
Ski Jumping
Feb. 12, 2006
Photo: Simon Bruty/SI
In Patikka, a small village in the Neelum valley, 17 km. from the
epicenter - villagers and evacuees have to cross the ruined bridge to
get to the Emergency unit set up by Red Cross or to pick up tents and
blankets from the small helipad. Robert Stolarik for Time Magazine
A Pakistani man and his son make a day-long journey by foot from their
mountain village near Kawai, Pakistan on the damaged road to look for
shelter in the city of Balakot October 27, 2005. David Guttenfelder,
Associated Press
Psychiatric Hospital patients stunned by drugs, are left in an
abandoned toilet used as a security room for dangerous mental
patients. Lack of health care is a constant in the African continent and
Mozambique unfortunately is not an exception. Massimo Mastrorillo,
• Rule of thirds
– Place important element
in photo at intersections
of imaginary vertical and
horizontal lines
• Don’t center an horizon
– Try to place in upper or
lower third of photo
Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941. Ansel Adams
A firefighter stands in remembrance of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks and
solemnly waves a flag on a basalt cliff overlooking I-90 on Sunday,
September 11, 2005, in Spokane, Wash. during periods of rain and cool
weather. Jed Conklin, The Spokesman-Review
St. John Neumann football players line the bench taking a break from
the summer heat while watching thunder clouds roll in during practice
the week before the first game of the season in Naples, Fla. Practice
was eventually canceled due to lightning. Lexey Swall, Naples Daily
Ski Jumpers fly off the 120K Men's Nordic Ski Jump. Utah Olympic Park is
the highest competition ski jump in the world at 7310 feet above sea level.
Steven Currie, Salt Lake Organizing Committee
Barry Bonds' record breaking
went soaring through the air
and right into the US Superior
courts in San Francisco after
fans disputed the ownership
of the ball. Judge David
Garcia ordered the ball to be
locked away in a safe deposit
box in Milipitas until the case
could be decided. John
The Press Democrat
Berta (20) is an inmate of
the Machawa Prison. She
lost her son during the
pregnancy but she was
accused to have killed him
and condemned to six
years of detention. She is
Hiv positive.
Agostinho (22) has been
recovered in the Sanatory of
Machawa for 4 months. He
lost her mother and he is HIV
Manico (10) is HIV
positive. He lost his family
and is actually living with
his grandmother, who is
also positive and is an
activist for the DREAM
program. Photos by
Massimo Mastrorillo,
Working in minus 4º cold at England’s Kew Seed Bank, James Wood shelves
seeds from the African mugongo treet. The bank has about 4,000 species on
deposit. / National Geographic
The Tetons and the Snake River,
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 1942
With no church of their own, Pastor Jeff Nyberg of the Stepping Stones
Church performs the ceremony as Victor Moreta is baptized in the
waters of the swimming pool of the Best Western hotel in McKinney,
Wednesday evening, June 8, 2005. Smiley Pool, The Dallas Morning
Afghan boys play soccer in February 2005 inside an empty Soviet
occupation-era swimming pool which was used by the Taliban as a site
for executions on a hilltop in Kabul. David Guttenfelder, Associated
Museum guards stand among the paintings at the retrospective of the artist Barnett
Newman, a major figure among the abstract expressionists, at the Philadelphia
Museum of Art this past year. Newman, known for his use of "zips," or stripes, has
been called one of the most influential American painters of the 20th century. Eric
Mencher, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Nuns form a line to take communion during funeral services for Pope
John Paul II in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. Smiley Pool, The
Dallas Morning News
The Largest Organ of the
Body. To illustrate the size
of the skin of the average
adult, which is 21 square
feet, 11 8 x 10 inch pieces
of an artificial skin product
called "Integra", were
placed onto a large piece
of plexiglass while a
silhouetted model stood
behind. Sarah Leen,
National Geographic
Micheal Froberg works at cleaning the inside of a 54 inch water tube while co
worker Wayne Patton bolts the tube together that will be part of a indoor
water park. Eric Albrecht, Columbus Dispatch
Nearly 30 of Andrew Gillespie's Roanoke Catholic School classmates
shaved their heads for support while he's losing his hair due to
chemotherapy treatments in his battle against osteosarcoma, a type of
bone cancer. Josh Meltzer, The Roanoke Times
Ella Fitzgerald, Muhammad Ali, Lena Horne and others adorn the board
at Joe Yates barber shop along 22nd St. South where men have met for
46 years to play checkers. Fitzgerald and Horne both performed at a club
on 22nd during segregation. Jamie Francis, St. Petersburg Times
The Pantagraph/STEVE SMEDLEY
Illinois State University students walking to and from class in the Science
Laboratory building pass a sculpture in a steady downpour Monday afternoon
(Nov. 1), as seen from a second-story study commons.
MONUMENTAL WALK -- A lone visitor to the Jefferson Memorial, Kim Seung
Hoon walks down the edge of the marble steps facing the Tidal Basin. Mary F.
Calvert, The Washington Times
An Iraqi boy runs toward his mother in front of a 19th century spiral minaret
September 25, 2002 in the town of Samara, 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of
Bahgdad. Oleg Nikishin, Getty Images
Tyler Atkins slowly pulls his paintbrush across the ice forming one of the face-off
circles used in hockey games at the Casper Ice Arena in Casper, Wyo. Each year
the lines are hand-painted on the ice. Robert Hendricks, Casper Star-Tribune
Shawnee Mission Northwest's Blake Trullinger (left) holds his hands in his face in
celebration after defeating Wichita Northwest's Derek Patterson (right) for the 125
pound Kansas class 6A wrestling title. Jeff Roberson,
The Kansas City Star
Douglass High school wide receiver Marcus Barnett tosses a tire during
"Junk Yard Drills" that helps with strength and agility as they prepare for the
2005 season. Jonathan Newton, The Washington Post

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