Mental Health Urgent Assessment and Care Pathway

Central London
West London
North West London
Mental Health Urgent Assessment & Care Pathway
setting standards, simplifying access, improving care
Dr Beverley McDonald, GP, Urgent Care Clinical Lead
North West London Mental Health Programme Board
NWL Mental Health Programme Board
• 8 CCGs, 2 Mental Health Trusts, Local Authorities, 3rd
sector partners, Services User & Carer,
• Population of c2.2m.
• Budget of c£400m.
• Multi-agency Transformation Boards for WLMHT
and CNWLFT to drive change and delivery.
• NWL Mental Health Strategy ‘Shaping Healthier
• Urgent Assessment & Care Workstream
Why transform NWL Mental Health Crisis Care ?
• Variations in Quality, Practice and Response
• Service User & Carer feedback re challenges
accessing MH crisis support outside 9-5 M-F
• Increasing pressure on MH inpatient services
• Increasing pressure on A&E and GP out of hours
• Increasing pressure on Police /Custody
• Commitment to improve crisis prevention, deliver
earlier intervention, and improved ‘staying well’.
• Choice, Expert patient, Recovery model
Delivering Change – process overview
Mid 2013 – multiagency workshops
Late 2013 - Co-Production Teams.
• NWL Wide Access Standards
• NWL Wide paperwork – Whole Pathway.
• NWL Wide shared care principles for
communication at each stage of Pathway
• UA&C Expert Reference Group
• Concordat Proof Cross-Agency Delivery Plan
• High level pathway developed
NWL Mental Health Urgent Access & Care Standards
Assessment (face to face)
• < 1 hour Emergency (A&E Liaison)
• < 4 hours Emergency (Community/Ward)
• < 24 hours Urgent
• < 7 days Routine Plus
• < 4 weeks Routine
Delivering Change – Next Steps
Development of a co-produced delivery model and
business case, per CCG, by end Q1 for the:
• implementation of a Single Point of Access per CCG area to
provide a central point for referrals and assessment;
• extension of operational hours in the home crisis/urgent
assessment and initial crisis resolution service to operate 24
hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, by
March 2015.
• requirements for each CCG area; plans for efficiency
improvement to maximise clinical Face to face time and
milestones for implementation.
NWL Mental Health Urgent Access & Care Pathway
NWL Mental Health Urgent Access & Care SPA

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