2nd Call Practical Info - Programme Area Green Industry Innovation

Practical Information and
Guidance to Applicants
Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania
July 2014
Ms. Daniela Chifan, Programme Officer
Innovation Norway Bucharest Office
1. Programme information channel
2. Roles and responsibilities
3. How to find a partner?
4. Essential reading and important issues
8. Project assessment and methodology
6. How to apply?
7. The Project Contract
Information channel
One general «landing» page: Information about the
programme area green industry innovation, bilateral
relations and other common issues
Select the specific page for Green Industry Innovation
Romania (flag RO)
All relevant information and programme documents
Roles and responsibilities
Innovation Norway – fund manager – overall
responsible towards the donor (Norwegian M.F.Affairs)
The National Focal Point – no formal responsibility
Project Promoter (applicant) - fully responsible towards
Innovation Norway
Project Partners - responsible to fullfil their tasks
towards Project Promoter (Partnership Agreement)
How to find a partner?
Main portal for private sector: www.nortrade.com
Enterprise Europe Network: http://een.ec.europa.eu/
Other relevant web-sites:
Green Business Norway (association for NO companies with green
clean technologies): www.greenbusiness.no
NHO (Norwegian Confederation of Enterprises): www.nho.no
ARENA – a Norwegian national programme for regional business
clusters: www.arenaprogrammet.no
Travel support is available to search for donor project partners
(see section 3 - 2nd Call - Travel Support from programme website)
Essential reading and
important issues
Essential reading
2nd Call text for Project proposals
Rules and Procedures
Standard Terms and Conditions
State Aid Regulations – Reg. (EU) 651/2014
Assessment criteria and methodology
Procurement Guidelines
Essential reading and
important issues
Eligibility criteria- applicants and partners
- legal entity in Romania/Norway
- in operation for at least one full fiscal year
- clean criminal and tax records
- signed Partnership Agreement – applicant and partner(s)
- main activity closely related to the area for which the
application is made
Essential reading and
important issues
Eligibility criteria - for project
- contribute to the expected programme outcome
- no overlapping or double funding
- grant maximum and minimum amounts and co-financing
rates are complied with
- the project implementation period - no longer than the
deadline for cost eligibility: 30 April 2016
- compliance with EU and Romanian legislation
Essential reading and
important issues
Eligibility criteria – expenditures
- In line with the state aid provisions
- Depend on type of project and activities
- From approval of project until 30 April 2016
- Normally only purchase of new equipment eligible
- Normally 10% of project costs can be buildings/land
Essential reading and
important issues
Applicant’s co-financing
Cash - internal resources or bank loan
Disbursement of grants
Advance payment: 10-20% of approved grant based on
reasoned request
Reimbursement of accrued expenses
Interim Reporting/payment claims
Currency: Euro
Essential reading and
important issues
Public Procurement Regulations
EU and Romanian legislation on public procurement shall
be complied with at any level in the project
If grant = 50% or more - conduct procurement as
contracting authority (OUG 34/2006)
Smaller procurement according to Order MFE 1120/2013
or good economic practices set in Procurement Guidelines
(see Rules and Procedures – section 6.2)
Assessment procedure
Organised by Innovation Norway
Common methodology for Individual
Project Scheme and Small Grant
Internal and external experts
Consult with National Focal Point
Criteria: administrative,
eligbility and tehnical and financial
Assessment procedure
20 technical and financial assessment criteria, including:
- technical and financial capacity
- financial reports (certified accounts)
- maturity of projects
- risk analysis and mitigation plans
- project profitability
- business plan
- innovation level
- intellectual Property Rights status
- market potential
- competitiveness
Assessment procedure
For general criteria: Scoring 1-6 points
Scoring profile - each criteria is weightening differently and
may be a critical success factor that could jeopardise the
whole project
Reasoned opinions from National Focal Point (mainly, in
order to avoid overlapping)
Final decision by Innovation Norway
How to apply?
Individual Project Scheme and Small Grants Scheme
- via application portal
electronic application form available at:
Fund for Bilateral Relations – travel support
- via e-mail [email protected]
How to apply?
Fund for Bilateral Relations
Travel Support Facility
- prior approval before travel (Innovation Norway)
- reimbursement principle
- e-mail [email protected]
How to apply?
Individual Project Scheme and Small Grant Scheme
Electronic application form
available at the website:
All mandatory attachments and
supporting documents to be
submitted in electronic versions ONLY
Documents that are part of
application form
- Project implementation plan
- Detailed activity budget
- Letter of commitment
- Procurement plan
- Publicity plan
- Partnership agreement, if applicable
- Disbursement plan
- CVs of the project team
Other mandatory documents
- Registration certificates
- self declarations re. criminal and tax records and
undertaking in difficulty
- Certified accounts
- Business plan
The Project Contract
Project Contract
Standard Terms and
Detailed activity budget
Project Implementation Plan
Disbursement Plan
Green Industry Innovation
Programme Romania
Questions to:
[email protected]

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