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Paintings and Photography
If you love Surrealism, exquisite colors and sensuality, you will be mesmerized.
Ora’s Oil Paintings are purely intuitive, surreal with a futuristic quality and haunting beauty. The
images are personal, touch the soul and have a distinct unique feel to them.
Collectors love her work. Originals and over 50 self published Giclee’ prints are available.
1980 - Ora, an established Artist in her native Israel immigrated to California. Raising three
teenagers and building a career in a new environment did not go well together. Exhibiting was
put on hold, painting never stopped.
1997 - Ora and Eli (her husband and Business Manager) established Ora’s Art and began
publishing and promoting the Art they love.
2002 - Ora’s Art debuted at Artexpo NY - the largest International Art Trade Show in the United
States. As a result, Ora’s Art received extensive Press and representation by several Galleries.
June 2002 - Ora’s image “Passage” was featured on the cover of “Art Business News” – the
industry’s leading Art Business Magazine in the country. According to the front page article, Ora
was chosen as one of today’s “hand-full of modern-day Surrealists” and quoted as saying
“Surrealism talks directly to the gut. You cannot sell a surrealist piece to someone who is not
attracted to it by nature. It hits a chord. They find their own stories in my painting. They say it
touches their soul. And this is how I paint. From the gut.”
January 2003 – “Ora Tamir Returns to Artexpo” appears in the preview to Artexpo NY 2003,
published by “Art Business News”. Ora’s Image “Essence of a woman” heads the article “I had
no idea how the public will receive my images. My Art is different; I paint from the heart. No
bending to trends or popularity. I am true to who I am as an Artist”. She said
M.F. Hussain
MF Husain at Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Birth name
Maqbool Fida Husain
(1915-09-17)17 September 1915
Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India
9 June 2011(2011-06-09) (aged 95)
London, England, United Kingdom
Indian; Qatari (2010–2011)[1
Paintings of M.F. Hussain
M. F. Hussain
Nude Photography by Various

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