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eDispatches Service
 Paid service that transmits messages to members
 Members can receive emergency calls on cell phone
 Voice Notification – also works with landlines
 Android/iPhone App that makes your phone operate
similar to a voice pager with stored voice
 Text Message Notification – responder calls a “hotline”
to hear the message.
 Priority Blast – messages delivered in seconds
 CAD Relay System – messages delivered via secure email
address from your CAD in 5-10 seconds
eDispatches Service
 Sold as secondary notification system.
 Approved by ESC3 Committee as an allowable 911 fee
 About the Company:
 In business since 2004 with over 145,000 recipients
 Staff of 11 of which 6 are full-time. Technical support MF 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Limited hours on Saturdays.
 Several data centers with auxiliary power across the US
for redundancy and fail-over protection. Monitored
Detail of steps
 Dispatcher receives emergency call and transmits the
message to responders using paging system.
 eDispatches records the message and begins member
notification. Message is received on cell phone about
a minute later.
 As long as member is in cell range, they can receive all
calls no matter where they are.
 Transparent to Dispatcher – no extra steps required.
How to get the service set up
 You provide the company your paging frequency and paging tones.
 Thirty day trial period for 10 recipients. Recipients can be changed
regularly to allow multiple people to sample voice notification.
 Paging tone samples:
Dispatch (paging) frequency: 153.965
Paging TONES programmed :
847.5/787.5 Bathgate Fire
682.5/607.5 Cavalier Amb
682.5/787.5 Cavalier Fire
892.5/787.5 CAFS Fire
667.5/817.5 Crystal QR
667.5/772.5 Crystal Fire
667.5/592.5 Drayton Amb
667.5/757.5 Drayton Fire
862.5/667.5 Mountain QR
862.5/772.5 Mountain Fire
802.5/652.5 Neche QR
757.5/652.5 Neche Fire
652.5/607.5 Pembina Amb
652.5/832.5 Pembina Fire
592.5/652.5 County EM
817.5/667.5 St Thomas QR & Fire
682.5/592.5 Walhalla Amb
592.5/757.5 Walhalla Fire
How to get the service set up
 Company programs your frequency and tones into a
“detector” (a small computer). This is provided to a
department at no extra expense.
 For every service over three, cost is $10/month per
 Company also sends you a scanner. Place in a good
 Alternately, the detector can be hardwired to voice
logger, and the message is recorded from that.
How to get the service set up
 Once company adds departments to the system, you
receive login URL and create user ID and passsword.
 Enter member numbers and cell phone provider, and
select department.
 Sub-Accounts can be set up so that each department
can have their own login information.
 Sub-Accounts can call out their Priority Blasts with a
special access code.
Call Logs
Sets of
eDispatches Contact
Eric Troy, Vice President and Sales
(973) 453-5810 x5504 or [email protected]
Website: http://www.edispatches.com/
Submit request for free trial:

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