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The Transaction
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Sections to IMF
• Entity Section
• Module Section
• Transaction Section
Transaction Code
Transaction Codes are a three digit code that the IRS
places into your IMF records which have a specific
With only three digits the IRS can only have 999
definations to go with those codes.
Well the IRS never have enough money or codes so
they took one of these Transaction Codes 971 and used
it as a way to get another 999 codes
When a TC 971 is used they also include a CD Code or
“Action Code” which has a specific meaning.
Module Section
Transaction Module
460 = Extension of Time for Filing
04152002 = Transaction Date of 04-15-2002
20022008 = Cycle Post Date Year 2002 Week 22 08
07217-124-50005-2 DLN
EXT DATE 08152002 08-15-2002
Typical Decoding 460
This has two TC 460 Entries….
Find what a TC 460 means in the 6209 Manual
Did you find it?
Section 8-19 Page 129 of 613 in the 6209 Manual
Notice this has two of these 640 entries.
TC 460
Extension For Filing
Page 119 of 613, you will find TC 460 Transaction
Notice it is for (Individual MF or Business MF)
Notice it creates a Status Code 04 or STAT 04
Typical Decoding 140
140 = IRP Delinquency Inquiry Generated Transaction
Establishes Entity and/or Tax Module and Status Code 02
(Delinquency Inquiry) within the affected tax module.
Section 8-8 Page 118 of PDF
06182003 Transaction Date = 06-18-2003
20032608 CYCLE POSTED — The processing week the
return or transaction posted to the master file. A six digit
number – the first four digits are the year, the second two
are the week number. Year 2003 Week 26
Find the TC 140
Page 118 of 613 you will find TC 140 Transaction
Notice it is for I (Individual MF not Business MF)
Notice it Established Entity and or Tax Module
Notice it creates a Status Code 02 or STAT 02
Typical Decoding 425
Did you find the TC 425 in the 6209 Manual?
Section 8-18 Page 128 of 613 in 6209 Manual
What does it say?
The purpose of this Transaction Code 425 is to
overwrite and delete from the record the TC 424, which
allows for a second examination while appearing to
document one examination. Another sequence of
erroneous postings to my IMF is the TC 424 and TC
425 entries.
What is a 424?
It is a Examination Request Indicator.
It Deletes Records in the DIF file.
It can be generated for IMF when IRP Under-Reported
case is referred to exam
How a SFR is Created
An SFR is created by issuing an AM424 with Push Code 036 to
establish the skeletal substitute for return in the IMF.
The AIMS system then queries IMF for matching data and if
found, sends other details back to AIMS to create a complete AIMS
record. The AM424 updates the IMF with TC424 and the
complete AIMS record returned, updates the IMF with TC420 and
TC 150.
Proof that a TC424 was issued is the presence of the TC425, which
in the IMF, is caused by the issuance of an AM424D.
The AM424D will then delete the TC424 from the IMF leaving the
trace TC425 in the IMF. Thus, the TC 150 is created, TC420 is
recorded, and a TC425 is proof of the AM424 issuance being
deleted. This matches completely with my IMF, which has the
following entries:
What is a TC 570?
Additional Liability Pending and/or Credit Hold
Page 134 of 613 you will find TC 570 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Indicates additional liability pending. Freezes (—R
freeze) module from refunding or offsetting credit
What is a TC 420?
Examination Indicator
Page 128 of 613 you will find TC 420 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Can be input on Form 3177. Indicates that return has
been referred to the Examination or Appeals Division.
What is a TC 421
Reverse Examination Indicator
Page 128 of 613 you will find TC 421 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Generated at MCC when TC 300 posts with a Disposal
Code of 1-5, 8-10, 12, or 34 to module and an
unreversed TC 420, or 424 is present. Can be input
directly with Doc. 47 or on Form 3177. Reverses TC
420 or 424.
What is a TC 590?
Satisfying Trans.
Page 136 of 613 you will find TC 590 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Not liable this tax period. Satisfies this module only.
Requires a two digit closing code for IDRS input. See
Section 11 for appropriate closing codes.
See Page 432 COLCLOS – 052 No return secured this
period. Little or no tax due.
What is a TC 370
Fraud Penalty
Page 126 of 613 you will find TC 370 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Assesses Fraud Penalty. BMF/IMF: Restricts FTP
Penalty on Fraud Penalties assessed under IRC 6653(b)
for returns due before 1/1/1989.
What is a TC 971
Miscellaneous Transaction
Page 151 of 613 you will find TC 971 Transaction
Notice it is for Individual MF or Business MF
Performs different actions based on the Action Code
which are listed separately.
Action Codes found at page 256 of 613 in section 8-146
Action Codes
018 Congressional/PRP indicator.
045 Causes IMF generation of TC 400.
066 Return receipt signed – also for TC 972 (reversal)
Note: If the Due Process was delivered in person, ACs
69 and 66 are input the same date. If the Due Process
Notice was left at the Taxpayer’s home or business
instead of being mailed, ACs 69 & 67 are input the
same date.
611 Third Party Contact notification made by
Collection – also for TC 972 (reversal).
MF and IDRS Collection
Status Codes
Below are the MF STAT that were recorded.
What do they mean?
04 I/B EXT FILING Extension of time for filing granted. (Date of
status is extension application filing date.) Installment basis, when
applicable, to Forms 1041, 990C, 990T and 1120.
02** I/B/E DEL STATUS Return not posted; letter of inquiry
03** I/B/E TDI STATUS IDRS in delinquency status. **NOTE:
02 and 03 Status Code are modified and further explained by
Status Indicators following the Status Codes. (See Sec. 11 for a
definition of these indicators)
06 I/B/E NO DEL RET Delinquent return not filed. Collection
activity suspended while examination or criminal investigation
review, or until another tax period posts to the Master File.
Easy Way to Decode
Do a FOIA Request for the following document;
MF MCC Transcript Literal

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