Version 4 Charter

Version 4 Charter – Discussion
Bob Dalesio
Greg White
Version 4 Base Deliverables
• EZPVA in C++ - provide helper classes in C++ that make use of C++
simple. (Matej)
• Provide the client conversion from PVAccess to PVManager (Matej)
• Document V3 Channel – how does a client request a variable in
version 3 as a version 4 PV and multiRecord (Marty)
• Gather service – provide time correlated scalars into a vector that is
time correlated. (Marty and Timo)
• Device Library – provide support for clients to request collections of
PVs into a device structure. (Marty)
• Client requests for event filtering and data aggregation where a
client can make requests on primitive PVs to be collected, queued,
averaged, on specified conditions such as 10Hz or 1 Hz event.
(Ralph – architect: work with Gabriele, Gabriele – can we use
PVManager, Greg - use cases)
• Complete technical support for streaming services (All)
Version 4 IOC
• Orient development to support high performance
data acquisition as required in physics and
science applications
• Pursue this as an extension of the V3 IOC
– Large buffer passing between records (Michael)
– Large Buffer Driver Support (Michael/Marty)
– Large buffer to PVAccess (Marty)
• Presentation of device data as complex data
• Event Filtering -> Aggregation (averaging) ->
collection (device collection)
Physics Services
• Model Service (Greg – MAD, Guobao – Tracy)
• Unit conversion (Guobao)
• Publish Device Views (Greg)
Version 4 Beam Line Applications
Image Archiving and Server (Nikolay)
Scan Server (Daron)
Unit Conversion HKL/Energy (Arman)
Image Compression
Log Service

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