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Tony Crowden
Communications Specialist
Sharon Pell
Communications Officer
Working as one health community
• NHS Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Community
Health Services, United Lincolnshire
Hospitals Trust, Lincolnshire Partnership
Foundation Trust
• Can’t do it on our own
• Don’t offer all the services
• Not a one size fits all solution
Communications Solution
• Messages developed by NHS Lincolnshire
• Same message delivered in different ways
– What is being introduced?
– Why it is being introduced?
– How it will be implemented?
Public Launch
Need to let the public
know that:
“It’s ok to ask”
New Year launch:
Drink less
Exercise more
Lose weight
Stop smoking
Launch Planning
Each lead given a task
ULHT – media handling
LCHS – venue and bookings
NHSL – resources
LPFT – services identified to attend
Did it work?
• Have a draw
• Incentives
• Right staffing
• Keep it simple
• Common sense approach
Lessons Learned
• Timing
• Check what else is on
• More external promotion
• Share work more evenly
• Give others the opportunity to take part
Smoothie bike in operation
Feedback from participants
• DART self referral
• Smoke free homes referrals
• Phoenix stop smoking referrals
• Fire service home fire safety checks
• Many enquiries relating to cooking project
Any questions?

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