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Study info for new IMP students
Ms. Merja Inget, Coordinator of studies
Email: [email protected]
Office: TA131
Topics covered today
Who we are
International Master’s Programmes, intake 2014
Introduction to studies at Oulu Business School (OBS)
On orientation schedule
Student guild Finanssi ry
Who we are?
• University of Oulu is the second largest multidisciplinary university (about 15
000 students and 3000 staff members) in Finland and ranked among the 500
best universities in the world
• Oulu Business School (OBS) is one of the ten faculties within University of
• About 1500 students and 100 faculty members
• About 260 new students enrolled this autumn
– 190 students in Finnish Bachelor’s Programmes
– 40 students in International Master’s Programmes
– 30 students in Finnish Master’s Programmes
• In addition: 70 exchange students arriving this autumn at OBS
• OBS received AACSB accreditation last year: only 2 AACSB accredited
business schools in Finland and 4 in Northern Europe, OBS included.
International master’s programmes, intake 2014
• About 400 applications to FMA, IBM and MF programmes:
• Financial and Management Accounting, International Business
Management, Finance
• Total of 42 new students begin studies in these programmes
• MF 17 + FMA 7 + IBM 18
• Nationalities: Bangladesh, Ghana, Russia, Vietnam, Finland, China,
Ukraine, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nepal, Cameroon,
Romania, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, USA, Panama, Hungary, Zimbabwe,
India, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands
• In addition to FMA, MF and IBM, two new programmes next year:
Economics and Marketing, application period 15.12.2014-31.1.2015
Studying in OBS, sources of information
Web pages:
• Studying  Studies: Exams schedules etc.
• Guides: Study guide 2014-2015 for MF, FMA and IBM students,
• Course schedules, mandatory sign up for courses and exams, exam results,
study plans, course feedback etc.:
OBS Student Office: room TA109
• Open from Monday to Thursday 9.30-13.00 (excl. lunch break around 11):
Exam results, computers, general guidance on studies etc.
University’s Student Center: room KE1020 (near central lobby of
Linnanmaa campus)
• enrollment, transcripts, service desk for IT services etc.
Tutoring in OBS
Tutor students:
• Tareq Amit (MF): [email protected]
• Li Wang (FMA): [email protected]
• Julius Francis Gomes (IBM): [email protected] and
• Md. Shah Emran (IBM): [email protected]
Tutor teachers:
• Andrew Conlin (MF): [email protected]
• Anna Elsilä (FMA): [email protected]
• Irene Lehto (IBM): [email protected]
All OBS staff members’ email addresses are in form [email protected]
• For example: [email protected]
• Exception: [email protected] (prof. Janne Järvinen)
Signing up for courses and exams
Important: You need to sign up for every COURSE and EXAM in WebOodi:
Registration periods for courses vary, check timetables in WebOodi.
Usually the registration closes one week after the first lecture.
Exam registration must be done at the latest one week before the exam
day, on previous Thursday at 23.59, via WebOodi.
Late registrations for courses or exams are not accepted.
Exam will be graded only if the student has registered to the course
and the exam in time.
Rules of examination and exam list available at
The registration for courses starting this week is still open. It is
recommended to check the timetables in WebOodi as soon as possible.
Course information
Latest study guide available at
• Course descriptions also in WebOodi, check for up-to-date information
Course and exam schedules only available in WebOodi:
There are three different levels of courses. The levels you can see from the
course codes – for example 721419P
– P in the end stands for basic level course (for bachelor students, courses in
Finnish only)
• For example: 724103P Strateginen johtaminen (Strategic Management)
– A in the end stands for intermediate level course (for bachelor students)
• 724204A Management Control
– S in the end stands for advanced level course (for master level
• For example: 721556S Globalization and International Management
Note on ethical issues
University of Oulu has zero tolerance for cheating (i.e. copying
exam answers, plagiarism of course work etc.)
For example: chatting in exam hall or quoting other writers
without appropriate references is considered as cheating
Use references every time you quote other writers/websites/etc.
If found guilty of cheating, the exam (or other course work) will be
annulled and the student will get a warning.
Severe offences can be punished even by suspending the student.
Other practical issues
Registration to the university (in case you haven’t done this already)
First you’ll need to pay the student union fee (96 Euros/year, includes
student health service fee) at the Student Union office
Then, in Student Center (room: KE1020, open Mon-Fri 9 am – 3 pm),
you can enroll as present student (take the receipt of student union fee
with you).
After enrollment you’ll receive your user account for Webmail and
WebOodi (takes usually 1 day, at most)
Until the student card arrives, student discounts in restaurants etc. will
be received only with the receipt of the payment
A comprehensive guide on practical issues (Guide for New International
Students) can be found at:
Orientation Week continues
Today (locations marked on your maps)
• Introduction meeting for new IBM students, at 12:15, room TM113.
• Introduction meeting for new FMA students, at 11:15, room PR253
• Personal study plan info for intl. degree students, at 15:00-16:00, lecture hall
L3. (i.e. How to plan your studies in WebOodi)
• Meet the student guild (Finanssi ry), at 17:00 onwards, guild room (take the
stairs down by door X2)
• Introduction meeting for new MF students, at 11:15, room TM113
Student Guild Finanssi ry
• Student Association Finanssi ry represents Oulu Business
School students
• Contact: [email protected]
Oulu Business School
wishes you all warmly welcome!

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