Saving Energy - Industrial Training Institute, Surat

Learning Objectives
• To take part in a simple debate about
topical issues.
• To realise that people and other living
things have needs, and that we have
responsibilities to meet them.
• To know what improves and harms our
local, natural and built environments,
and about some of the ways people
look after them.
The sun warms us and gives us light
during the day.
At night, and during the colder
months, we need light and warmth
from other sources…
…. and we also need heat for cooking.
Since early times, people have lit fires ….
…. but fires make smoke, and are not
convenient in modern homes.
Clue 1
Clue 2
The electricity
which we use
is mostly made
by burning coal
or gas in power
And our central heating boilers usually
burn gas or oil.
The trouble is, this
makes lots of
‘greenhouse’ gases
which scientists
believe are warming
up the Earth and the
air around it.
The ice in the arctic is melting, and the
polar bears’ habitat is shrinking.
In some hot countries, there is less rain,
and rivers are drying up.
In places the land is becoming so dry that
the farmers can no longer grow crops.
So what can YOU
do to stop global
You can turn off the lights when you
don’t need them!
Suggest that the grown ups who do the
shopping buy energy saving light bulbs.
Ask an adult to turn the heating down a
notch …
and set the clock so that it is on for less time.
Remind everyone to keep the doors and
windows shut when the heating is on, to
keep the warmth in.
You wear clothes to keep in your body heat.
Find out if your
home is
insulated to
keep the
warmth from
through the
Ask the people who put the kettle on to
fill it only with the amount of water that
is needed.
That way it will take less energy to bring it
to the boil.
Remind the people who do the cooking to
put lids on the saucepans to keep the heat
in while the food is cooking?
Switch off! Don’t leave it on standby!
If you can see a light
like this when the TV is
off, it is using almost
as much energy as if it
was on!
convenient – handy, suitable
Source - starting place
Habitat - home, surroundings
Thermostat – a switch which turns
something off when it reaches a given
• Insulation – material which isolates
things from the outside air

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