Counselor2Cal Day - UC Berkeley: Division of Student Affairs

4 Annual
Stay Day
University of California,
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Maryhelen Blake, Assistant Director
Mecca Shakoor, Admissions Diversity
University of California, Berkeley
value of diversity…
The University of California is committed
to achieving excellence through diversity in
the classroom, research lab and the
workplace. It strives to establish a climate
that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes
respect for the contributions of all students
and employees.
E q u i t y, I n c l u s i o n , a n d
Core Values
We believe education is transformative — empowering the UC
Berkeley community¹ to become engaged global citizens and
We champion an equitable University that is inclusive and
representative of our diverse communities.
We act courageously and openly, with respect for the knowledge
and experience of others.
We implement our values together with committed staff, faculty
and community members to nurture, develop, and advocate
for students
Core competencies of interpersonal
Creating space for a two way conversation
Verbal and non verbal indicators
Active listening
Understanding context
Choosing the appropriate channel…
The students experience
• scenarios
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Recommended courses:
Intercultural Literacy- Emotional Intelligence and
Diversity Institute
Thank you
Go Bears!

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