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• The systematic definition of
rules for the conduct of a sport
– Encompasses the rules and
behaviour of the participants.
• During the late 19th
Century, the trend
was to regularise
and codify how
sports were played.
– This was to allow
between different
teams and areas
• Think of the
different types of
football that
developed in the
public schools.
Each had different
The development of codification
• Public schools promoted sports as a means
of giving discipline to the boys.
– Also Queensberry rules –
Boxing adopted in 1867.
– At first this started with inter house
– However, when they wanted to play another
school, rules needed to be agreed on
– The boys then left the schools and went to
University. As they had come from different
areas and schools, they had to agree on the
rules of the games before they could play.
– This extract from The FA gives a good
indication of the process of codification for
– Follow this link for some good information
from the FA.
National Governing Bodies
• The development of rules needed National
Governing bodies to establish national frameworks
– They lead to the development of regional and National
Associations and competitions, which helped to spread
the rules further.
– The FA – 1863
– The RFU – 1871
– The ARA - 1882
Sports Associations, leagues and clubs
• This was also a time for Sports
clubs, leagues and associations
to be set up.
– A lot of sports clubs were formed
in this time.
– Many of them from works clubs,
social clubs or churches.
• Can you find out when and the
origins of these clubs?
– Arsenal
Tottenham Aston Villa
– Manchester United
– Oxford
Blackburn Rovers
The Olympic Games
• Reintroduced in 1896
• Baron Pierre de Coubertin

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