Interscalene Presentation

Shannon Bachman RN, BSN, SRNA
York College of Pennsylvania/ WellSpan Health Nurse Anesthesia Program
Class of 2015
Brief nod to Alon P.
Interscalene Brachial
Plexus Block vs.
General Anesthesia
Ultrasound Guided vs.
PNS Technique
Local Anesthetic
Adverse Events
Case Study:
Interscalene Catheter
Alon P. Winnie
Winnie Technique
ISB vs. GA: The Data
I’m so
ISB vs. GA: The Data
ISB: PNS vs. Ultrasound guided
Phrenic Nerve
Volume cont.
Adverse Events
#1. Mid Scalene
#2. Ant Scalene
#5. Phrenic Nerve
#6.Brachial Plexus
Case report: “…different and
sometimes devastating
complications have been
reported relating to either
needle or catheter insertion
or to the administration of
local anaesthetic.”
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