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Gifted & Talented - Science
Information and further research to support Gifted & Talented students in
Websites: Please have a look at some our of suggestion for curious and
inquisitive minds…
An interactive site on microbiology, cell biology, immunology and microscopy
An excellent website on genetic engineering and modification, cloning etc
An interesting website on the causes and effects of genetic conditions
A really fun but very informative website on drug effects on the brain containing
some very complex science.
An excellent website containing information about modern advances in medical Science
Villiers park activities for G/T students doing A ‘level Biology
A website containing some excellent interactive activities on a number of Biological topics
including blood groups, malaria, MRI scans
Information about the impact of the Human genome project
Gifted & Talented - Science
Please have a look at some of our suggestions to inspire you.
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson
Highly recommended: a hugely readable introduction to historical developments in many areas of science.
Eating the Sun: How Plants Power the Planet Oliver Morton
An excellent and thorough treatment of photosynthesis, the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere and the changes
brought about by mankind.
Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another Philip Ball
Can we apply physics to the behaviour of large numbers of people? Gets tricky later on, but fascinating throughout.
Chaos James Gleick
A classic. Introducing Chaos Theory and its implications for mathematics and the sciences.
Bad Science: Ben Goldacre
An expose of poor or downright deceptive science experiments and communication, mostly in medicinal science.
Measuring the Universe: The Historical Quest to Quantify Space Kitty Ferguson
A very readable account of the development of our ideas about space. Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein all prominent.
Einstein’s Universe Nigel Calder
Does what is says on the tin. How did Einstein arrive at his theories of relativity and what implications did they have?
Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution Nick Lane
A biochemist looks at the evolution of photosynthesis, warm blood, death and other features of living things. Advanced.
Bully for Brontosaurus Stephen Jay Gould
One chosen more or less at random from the many worthwhile publications of Gould, a master of communicating
biological science. This one contains collected essays on a range of topics.
The Origins of Virtue Matt Ridley
To what extent is “nice” behaviour determined by genes? How do humans benefit from behaving nicely to each other?
See also Genome and Nature via Nurture: genes, experience and what makes us human.
The Chemistry of Life Steven Rose
An introduction to biochemistry. Which molecules are essential for life? What do they look like and what do they do?
The Periodic Table Primo Levi
How chemistry became intertwined with the life of a remarkable man who lived through key episodes in history. A

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