Part 1 - Helmet Safety Campaign PowerPoint

Road Safety Awareness
Beijing BISS International School
Grade. 9
• When exploring the road safety issues in our big city home of Beijing, we
were confronted by the startling statistic that China has a recent average
of 70,000 traffic accident-related deaths per year. With many students
being bicycle riders we were struck by the statistic that of all those tragic
deaths, 10,000 were bicycle riders. Beijing is in need for bicycle helmet
Our Thought Process
Evaluating our
success and
someone's life
Reaching out
to the public in
Beijing and
Creating our
major road
problems in
Our class
chose Helmets
for our road
for Ideas on
Our Ideas
Create a mascot that would represent our campaign
An advertisement campaign that would consist of posters and stickers
Animations for children
Comedy shows and plays for the elementary students
Computer Games that educate about helmet safety
Decorated Helmet Hangings from the roof in our hallways
Kids Comic
Helmet bombing - small helmet pictures were placed on photos that populated the
hallways of our school
Decorate Helmet Day (during our sports carnival)
K-Pop song and video about helmet wearing (a work in progress, watch out Jacki Chan
and his Double JC band)
Helmet Hunt - teams of students followed clues to a hidden helmet full of candy
Egg Head Drop - students created a protective "helmet" for an egg, which was then
dropped from the first floor of our school. Surviving eggs were given a prize.
Website to showcase the creative projects and raise awareness on a broader platform.
• Our mascot represents everything that we want to change in
todays world where helmets are under appreciated and they
are considered to look “nerdy.” As we want to change this we
wanted to create a mascot that would enforce helmets and
make them seem as the smart thing to wear while riding any
A Play
• The reason why we wanted to
include a play was to actually
show kids what can happen
when your not wearing a
helmet. We performed this
play to all the little kids in
Grade 4 so that they too can
understand what happens
when helmets are not worn.
Advertisement Campaign
• For our campaign to succeed we needed a strong
advertisement component that would reach out to the kids at
our school and also to our local community in Beijing. To do
this we needed to make posters and stickers to reach out to
the community.
Kids Comics
• Kids comics is another way to
reach out to kids but comics are
shorter and they get right down
to the point. Our comic strip is
short and represents that
wearing a helmet is important. It
was released in stages so that
students were waiting for the
next installment of the story.

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