Journal Club Algorithm

Journal Club Algorithm
Burning Clinical
Journal Club (JC) Facilitator1 chooses and reviews
research article* and completes appropriate critique form
Collaborates with JC Research Mentor2
to review the article and prepare for discussion of findings and data analysis
Collaborates with CNS/Educator/ANCC Designated
Lead Nurse Planner 3 to complete and submit ANCC
CE application including flier 3 weeks prior to JC
Decides on
JC format, date,
time, location
Receives ANCC CE Approval from CE coordinator4
Facilitator posts or emails JC flier, article
link, and critique form to participants5
at least 10 days before JC
Facilitator holds JC (brings sign in sheet
and evaluation forms). Encourages
discussion among participants
using critique form and
suggested questions.
evaluations, distributes CE,
provides roster, evaluations, and
completed facilitator critique form
to CE coordinator. Copies all
documents, if needed, for credentialing
* Journal club article: quantitative , qualitative , meta
analysis, systematic review or meta-synthesis research
Facilitator emails CE coordinator:
JC flier, article link,
and evaluation form
CE coordinator will open
JC and post online:
JC flier, article link, and evaluation
Facilitator monitors blogs, encourages
discussion among participants using
critique form and suggested questions#,
collects critique and evaluation forms.
Sends evaluations, rosters, and completed
facilitator critique form to CE coordinator
who sends CE certificate to participants.
Prints documents and blog
discussion, if needed, for credentialing.
CE coordinator closes virtual JC
based on CE application date
(JC stays open for two weeks)
There are five distinct roles associated with journal club (JC).
1) Facilitator: sets the stage.
• Ensures participants have advance notice and access to the article
and critique forms.
• Completes and submits the ANCC CE application and develops flier in
collaboration with CNS/Educator.
• Coordinates the logistics (schedules the JC [date, time, location],
provides article link and critique form).
• Prepares the article facilitator critique form.
• Reviews critique form with Journal Club Research Mentor.
• Facilitates the JC.
• Collects completed critique and evaluation forms and sends
evaluations, critique forms, and rosters to CE Coordinator.
• Sends completed facilitator critique form to CE Coordinator for her
2) Journal Club Research Mentor: has taken a Master’s or graduate level
research course, has completed JC research mentor training, and has been
verified as a JC Research Mentor. (e.g., Research Nurse Scientist,
CNS/Educator, Level IV RN, other)
• Reviews critique form with the journal club facilitator.
• May or may not attend the journal club.
• Helps the facilitator prepare for the discussion of the findings,
strengths and limitations of the research article, and the statistical
analyses used.
3) CNS/Educator/ANCC Designated Lead Nurse Planner (e.g. CNS,
CNS/Educator, or Educator): works with facilitator to develop ANCC CE
application and coordinate logistics.
4) CE Coordinator: Assists with the approval process for ANCC CE application,
launches and closes virtual JC.
5) Participant: Comes prepared to JC, discusses the research article, completes
the participant critique form.

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