District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary

District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Aggregate – Documentation:
• While reviewing the delivery tickets for aggregate
being shipped to the project it was found that the
delivery tickets were missing the State Route and
• Quality Assurance reviewed several delivery
tickets to PennDOT projects. It was noted that
the tickets did not contain the ECMS number,
County, or District as required by POM B/7/15.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Aggregate - Equipment:
The Source's Gilson Mechanical Sieve Shaker is not
loading the sieve screens equally. The material is
shaking to the rear of the sieve screens and is
preventing the shaker from operating efficiently
and accurately.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Bituminous – Testing/Documentation:
The Contractor's approved QC plan states a
temperature check will be performed on the first
three loads of bituminous material and every fifth
load, thereafter. QA did not witness the
Contractor's Personnel performing any temperature
checks, and when questioned they did not have a
thermometer to perform temperature checks. The
only temperature checks performed during this
review was performed by the Project Inspection
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Bituminous – Surface Preparation:
The face of the transverse joint was painted with a
thin coating of PG 64-22 as required by Section
409.3(k)2 of Publication 408. However, at the
beginning of the placement, from the transverse
joint to approximately 5 to 10 feet ahead of the
transverse joint, the application of tack was not
uniformly applied as required in Section 460 of
Publication 408.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Longitudinal Joint:
• The contractor was utilizing the previously placed
temporary paint lines to establish his paving lane. The
paving operator did not have a true point of reference to
follow. QA witnessed the operator not paving a straight
line. This was discussed with the IIC and the Contractor's
Superintendent. This also resulted in the longitudinal joint
as being not a true straight line in some areas on the
project which have already been paved.
• There were lanes constructed with the notched wedge joint
in which the abutting lane was not placed the next day as
required by Section 409.3(k)1.c.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – Testing/ Acceptance:
• The Concrete Technician did not have his certification card
with him at the time of this review
– you must have your NECEPT Concrete Technician card,
on your person, at all times when testing concrete on
PennDOT projects.
• The Concrete Technician did not use a piece of wet burlap
to protect the concrete sample in the wheel barrow … a rain
shower occurred while the third load of cement concrete
was being tested, potentially exposing the sample to
additional water. Therefore an incorrect slump test result
may have occurred.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – Testing/ Acceptance:
The contractor only had one functioning air meter
on site at the time of this review. The contractors
approved Quality Control Plan states there would be
two air meters available (as per Sec. 704.1(d)3).
With only one air meter available, QA could not
perform an Independent Assurance Review.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – Testing/ Acceptance:
Review of the CS-472 revealed that AT had not
been performed on three separate placements. The
Department Representative stated that AT was not
performed because the lot size for roadway paving
was not 200 cyds.
– Section 704, Table B, lot sizes for AT Paving
Paving 500 cyds or portion thereof… (lots
established daily) Therefore 3 sets of AT
cylinders should have been molded.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – Testing/ Acceptance:
• Acceptance test locations for concrete placed were not
selected using PTM #1.
• The verification log in the back of the CID book was not
filled out. After a cursory review of the individual
placements contained in the CS-472, it appeared as though
one verification test was missed.
• The project inspection staff and the contractor personnel
were not maintaining documentation on the number of
breaks for the neoprene cylinder pad. There is a maximum
of 100 breaks per neoprene pad.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – Placement/Finishing:
• Due to the problems experienced at the plant,
some of the successive batches of concrete was
not placed within 30 minutes. Also, the minimum
placement rate of 20 linear feet an hour was not
• The contractor took an exceedingly long time to
perform the floating and straightedge operations,
which resulted in the burlap not being placed in a
timely manner.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete – CPR Transverse Joints:
The dowel holes were not properly spaced at twelve inch
center to center on the first patching joint. The dowel holes
varied in spacing from ten inches to fourteen inches because
the dowel holes were not drilled on the laid out paint marks.
Section 516.3(e)1 allows the dowel holes to be moved up to
one inch to avoid existing reinforcing steel, however, there
was no reinforcing steel encountered at the patch joint.
– Dowel holes need to be drilled as shown on RC-26M
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Certifications and Documentation:
• Certifications for the following miscellaneous structure
items were not completed correctly (no lot numbers) or
were missing ;
– Curing Compound, Sika-Flex, Grout, Neoprene bearing
pads, mill certifications for the reinforcing steel support
• At the time of this review, the project did not have an
approved Source of Supply for ….. After reviewing Bulletin
15, QA determined that some of material did not come
from an approved supplier.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Certifications and Documentation:
The sub-contractor provided certifications for the temporary
paint. However, the certifications provided were the original
certifications provided from Sherwin-Williams to the subcontractor. The certification did not contain the number of
gallons of paint received by sub-contractor to fill the truck.
– Project should provide a copy of Project Office Manual
B/6/3, Example#2 which shows how supplier, who is not
listed in Bulletin 15, ships materials produced by a
manufacturer, who is listed in Bulletin 15, to a
Department Project
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Certifications and Contract Compliance:
The certification for the MSE wall components submitted by
the DBE supplier were incorrectly marked "Identifiable Steel"
and had no back up mill certifications. There are also
conflicting issues with DBE’s role in what material they
supplied and their role as either a supplier or a broker.
– The DBE’s role with regard to shipping on trucks,
associated leases, Bill of Ladings, and clear chain of
custody on certifications should be verified by the
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
• The second load of concrete delivered to the project was on a rear
discharge mixer truck. The truck turned around on the ramp from
Interstate A Westbound to Interstate B Northbound without any
protection from oncoming traffic.
– The contractor should request all front discharge mixer trucks
due to the limited space available, or provide MPT.
• The concrete pump was set up in the travel lane. A temporary
lane closure was in place. The concrete trucks delivering to the
project were front discharge. In order to reach the concrete
pump, the trucks had to drive in a northerly direction in the SB
lane closure.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete Pipe Placement:
The Contractor compacted the area requiring a 12”
uncompacted envelope of 2A coarse aggregate
directly over top of the pipe, as required on RC30M, Sheet #4.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Concrete Pipe Placement/Inspection:
During the review, it was determined there have
been no CS-6 forms completed for any of the pipes
installed on the project, as required by the Contract
Project Special Provision, Section 601.3(q). QA
discussed the issue with the Consultant IIC, who
was unaware of the requirement.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
100 Yr. Pipe Post Intallation Inspection:
It was determined that the summary reports were
not provided the Department within 72 hours as
required by Publication 408, Section 601.3(n)1.
Additionally, the reports did not document the
required information as outlined in PTM 450 Section
2.3., including a summary of findings.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Labor and Contract Compliance:
The projects bulletin board is not properly protected
from the weather. Most of the posters within the
bulletin board were wet as was the bound book that
should contain the subcontractors EEO policies. The
contractor also has a pile of cold patch stored in
front of the bulletin board which impedes access.
The bulletin board did not have the wage rates
displayed as required.
District 8-0 2014 QA Findings Summary
Labor and Contract Compliance:
The project is performing the wage rate spot checks
at the proper frequency however they are not
properly completing the required documentation.
The project inspectors are not checking the payrolls
against the predetermined wage rates. If the
worker does not know his/her wage, the project is
not informing the worker of their proper wage rate.

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