Rhondda Cynon Taf – Climate
Change and Pathfinder Programme.
Brian Houston – Emergency Planning &
Sustainable Development Manager and
Environmental Partnership Coordinator
Environmental Partnership
•Steering Group is made up of the Council, Groundwork Merthyr & RCT;
Countryside Council for Wales, who provide funding, Interlink and the
Environment Agency.
•Focus on Climate Change – shared objective and linked to Changing
Climate Changing Places Project.
•Developing open spaces to increase well-being in the community.
Environmental Partnership
“Changing Climate Changing Places”
This project is being developed to improve the resilience of local communities in Wales
to the impacts of climate change.
The project will answer the basic questions:
What does climate change mean for our community? - 28th March – Our Community
and Climate Change Event.
What risks and opportunities does climate change represent to services and particular
localities? – Mapping the impacts on certain communities and costing those impacts.
How can we adapt now and in the future? - Adaptation strategy in 2011, part of
Climate Change Strategy and linked to WAG ‘Outcome Agreements’.
LCLIP outcomes - RCT
Loss of Business Continuity
Flooded Homes / Buildings
Damaged road surfaces
Collapsed / damaged culverts
Water logged playing fields
Flooded Rest Centre
Land slip
Vegetation growth
Loss of Reputation
School closures
Withdrawal of Home to Schools transport
Road accidents
Increased Gritting
Loss of Business Continuity
Loss of Reputation
Noise Pollution
Rat / Wasp / Fly infestations
High Winds
Debris on rail/roads - closures
Fallen trees
Extreme Weather Events
Severe weather
Total number
between 20022008
wave rainfall/
Frost/ ice/ snow
Environmental Partnership
Building on the outcomes from the
March Community Event.
Competition for best adaptation
suggestion for a community- £200 and
half a day with a consultant.
Facilitating the development in local
hydro power.
‘Heatwave Here’ day in May 2011 –
bringing Health, Social Care providers,
Council Social Care, Police and
community together to understand and
develop plans for heatwaves in
Council and Community effects of Climate Change.
• Increased flood risk to our rivers
• Land erosion
• Inadequate drainage and sewerage systems
• Drier soils and subsidence
• Significant habitat and species changes
• Water quality issues in rivers and lakes
• Greater incidence of drought and problems
with water supply;
• Lower air quality
Climate Change and the Council.
Increased costs for insurance and decreased property values
Increased risk of forest and heathland fires
Changed agricultural practices for food
Growth in tourism due to warmer weather;
Wider Environmental
improvement activities:
- Love Where you Live .
- SALIX funding for Carbon
Reduction activities.
- Tonyrefail and Rhydyfelin Flood
Aleviation Scheme.
- Affordable Warmth programme
- Green Travel Policy.
- Carbon Reduction Commitment
Energy Efficiency Scheme.
Climate Change and the Council.
• Between 2002 and 2009 extreme weather events have cost RCT CBC
£3 million, which includes:
- Staffing (including overtime)
- Immediate costs- sandbags, grit
- Maintenance and repair.
- Does not include costs of not
running a service; External Charges etc.
• Most engaged service areas include Community and Childrens ,
Insurance, HR, Equalities, Highways and IT.
Blaenau Gwent; Caerphilly; Merthyr Tydfil; Bridgend;
Neath Port Talbot & Swansea.
Blaenau – Working with Mark Group and EDF to deliver energy efficiency
improvements; Developing Community skills training for energy efficiency
Merthyr – Working in partnership with local groups to raise awareness of Climate
Change and impacts. Local Environment Partnership focusing on energy
Caerphilly – SD Action Plan; Leading the way in environmentally friendly
buildings; Development of Ecological Footprint; Very active Environment
Bridgend - Bridgend Environment Partnership; Bridgend Environmental and
Sustainability Partnership; Green Dragon Level 5 across all council buildings.
Neath Port Talbot – 2010 Climate Survey of residents; Development of Carbon
footprint; Reduction in council Carbon Emissions; Sustainable Transport;
Combined Energy and SD Teams;
Swansea - Sustainable Swansea awards; Swansea Renewable Energy.
Environmental Partnership
Thank You.
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