• TV is measured by NZ’s leading research provider – AGB Nielsen Media Research’s
Peoplemeter system is the industry currency for Television Audience Measurement
• Ratings provide information about audiences on which programmers can make
decisions and is a currency for buying and selling commercial air time on TV
• The system provides reliable, independent and transparent Television Audience
Measurement data for NZ
• The Peoplemeter system is used widely overseas, and is the only recognised and
trusted system in NZ
• The sample size contains 500 households (approx 1200 people)
• The sample is continuously managed and updated to reflect the NZ population
• The system and its results are independently audited to ensure accuracy
Establishment Survey
The Establishment Survey is a large-scale, face-to-face survey, with two key
objectives; to define the characteristics of the population being measured, and to provide a
pool of homes from which to recruit the panel. 2,500 households are interviewed each year
2. The Panel
The Panel is made up of the appropriate number of homes required to fulfil a
statistical sample design which represents the most important population
statistics. This includes factors such as age, gender, household size, geography,
ethnicity, and tenure
3. The Peoplemeter
The Peoplemeter is the preferred TAM methodology worldwide. It requires the
sample to register the presence when they watch TV. The Peoplemeter records all
their activities – whether they changed channel, watched through the Sky platform,
or even from their bedroom TV
4. Polling
Polling is the process of collecting the data every night, and occurs between
2am and 6am. This happens via different methods from fixed phone line
through to using mobile technology
5. The Production Software
Data is then thoroughly checked to ensure accuracy. Pollux is the system used
worldwide. By using Pollux this guarantees the integrity and standardisation of
the system for all Clients.
6. Programme and Spot data
The Programme and Spot data is collected daily by Nielsen Media
Research and is then matched with corresponding ratings data
7. Data Analysis
Comprehensive analysis software multiplies the value of the TAM data.
The overnight ratings and programmes data is available to everyone at
9:30am the following day, with Spot data available by early afternoon
Nielsen Media Research READERSHIP SURVEY
• Primarily used to measure the readership of newspaper and magazines in
• However, as part of this process it also tracks other information such as,
shopping behaviour, food & beverage consumption, renovations, media
consumption, travel and interests which can be broken down by different
demographics (ie age, gender etc) and allow us to profile TV programmes
against certain groups
• Survey is completed through face to face interviews with 12,000 people
across NZ
• Fully national including all rural areas
• There are up to 7 call backs by interviewers
Nielsen cml SURVEY
• Previously known as Panorama
• CML (Consumer & Media Insights) combines TV Ratings, readership & product
• Covers a broad range of marketing intelligence from basic demographics to
consumer attitudes and interests, media usage, brand level product usage and
consumer shopping behaviour
• Holistic view of media market
• Detailed media usage for specific consumer audiences
• Uses industry currencies
Television Currency
1200 People 5+
Readership Currency
12,000 People 10+
Face to Face Interview
Consumers’ Product and
Service Usage
Self Completion
Data Fusion
Nielsen cml
Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research & Nielsen Media Research

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