New Primary School in north-east Hamilton

Consultation Regarding Endeavour
Avenue, Te Totara and Rototuna
Primary Schools - Enrolment
Scheme Boundary Proposals
- Welcome and introductions
- Background over-view
- Endeavour Avenue Primary School
- Enrolment Scheme Establishment
- New enrolment scheme boundary proposals
- Zone change proposals
- Zone relationship to new Junior & Senior H.S
- Questions
Background Over-view
 In 2011 demographic information was
updated to reflect the HCC Rototuna
Structure Plan changes – Variation 12
 A four stage schooling strategy was
developed to respond to projected growth
Background Over-view
 Additional capacity at Te Totara Primary
 New primary school on Endeavour Avenue
 Further site acquisition in Sylvester
 Additional Yr 7 to 13 provision on Ministryowned site north-west of Te Totara Primary
Endeavour Avenue Primary School
 Will be located in Endeavour Avenue,
 Will open for Term 1, 2015
 Will be built to accommodate up to
600 students
 Will open with all year levels operating
 Will have ECE provision on-site
Enrolment Schemes Establishment
 Education Act 1989 (sections 11A, B, D, E, F, H)
 All new schools usually open with one
 Boards develop and implement schemes after consulting
community and neighbouring school boards
Right of entitlement to enrol if living within the defined
Purpose is to avoid over-crowding or likelihood of overcrowding
Have a fair selection process for out-of-zone applicants as
per the Education Act priorities
Enables the Secretary to make best use of network of
New Enrolment Scheme Boundary Proposals
Zone Change Proposals
 Te Totara Primary School’s western boundary be
reduced back to Resolution Drive, the eastern
boundary reduced back to Horsham Downs Road and
north boundary reduced back to the line of the
Waikato Expressway.
 Rototuna Primary School’s northern boundary be
extended to include area between Horsham Downs
and Gordonton Road to the line of the Waikato
Expressway and an area of its western boundary being
reduced back to Thomas Road.
 Endeavour Avenue Primary School boundaries to be
Waikato River (western boundary), Wairere Drive
(southern boundary), Resolution Drive (eastern
boundary) and Kay Road (northern boundary).
Zone Relationship to new Junior & Senior H.S.
Thank you for coming – we
expect final decisions will be
made by mid-July 2014
Further enquiries to:
Gavin Sowry – Phone 858 7153
or Email – [email protected]

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