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Speech and Language Therapy
Education in Greece
Voula C. Georgopoulos, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Speech & Language Therapy
TEI Patras, Greece
Higher Education in Greece
• Two parallel equivalent paths of undergraduate
• Universities
• School of Fine Arts
• Hellenic Open University
o 4 yrs B.A., B.S.
o 5 yrs Diploma in Engineering
o 6 yrs Degree in Medicine
• Technological Educational Institutes
o 4 yrs B.S.
School of Health and Welfare Professions
Dept. of Speech & Language Therapy
Dept. of Physical Therapy
Dept. of Nursing
Dept of Occupational Therapy
Academic Programs
• Only 3 academic programs are recognized by
the Ministry of Education of Greece. First
Established in 1996 at TEI Patras (TEI Epirus
2000, TEI Kalamata 2009).
• Professional rights of the graduates were
established in 2002
• Number of students admitted each year
through national entrance exams 450.
• Total # of graduates to date ~1200
Program of TEI
• 4 years curriculum leading to Bachelor’s
Degree (7 semesters of courses and clinics and
1 semester practical training and thesis)
Background Courses in Medicine, Psychology,
Linguistics and Technology
19 obligatory courses in Speech and Language
Pathology out of total 39 + thesis +final
240 ECTS credits
900 clinical hours
SLT- major required courses
Phonological Disorders
Developmental Language Disorders,
Clinical Issues in SLP
Diagnostic Methods in SLP
Voice disorders
Fluency Disorders
Aphasia and Other Acquired Language Disorders (I+II)
Rehabilitative Audiology
Learning Disabilities & Speech-Language Disorders,
Neurogenic Motor Speech Disorders
Craniofacial Disorders
Swallowing Disorders – Dysphagia
Clinical Ethics and Counseling
After Graduation
• About 20% pursue advanced degrees (mostly
in UK or Greece, fewer in the US)
• SLTs find work immediately
– in the public sector (hospitals, centers for mental
health, special education schools and support
centers, rehabilitation centers etc.) and
– in the private sector either individually or as
members of an interdisciplinary team.
Participation in European/
International Education Networks
• NetQues: Network for Tuning Standards and Quality of
Education programmes in Speech and Language Therapy
across Europe.
– partnership of 65 partners representing all 27 EU member states plus
partners from Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Turkey.
• SLT-Intensive Program-Network
– Partnership of 18 SLT-departments from 13 European and nonEuropean countries which annually organizes an intensive week for
students and staff consisting of lectures with hands- on seminars and
interactive seminars.
• ERASMUS student and staff mobility
• NSSLHA Chapter in Greece

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