Case 1
• 11/M
• Fought with classmate
• Right arm pain with tenderness
• What is the X-ray finding?
• Name three differential diagnoses from the Xray finding.
• What will be your management?
Case 2
• 13 months/M
• Cough for 3 days
• Noisy breathing for a day
• Name 2 CXR findings. Are they pathological?
• Name 3 neck X-ray findings.
• What is the diagnosis?
• Name 2 medications for the disease.
Case 3
• 90/M
• Known COAD
• Chest pain for a day
• Besides the emphysematous and fibrotic
changes of the lung, what are the X-ray
• What are the two differential diagnoses?
• What further imaging is helpful?
• If the patient deteriorates with SOB, what will
be your management?
Case 4
• A 59 years old lady was recently prescribed
transdermal patch for treatment of her
Alzheimer’s disease because of poor oral drug
• The patient was found to have vomiting,
diarrhoea, dizziness and generalized limb
weakness the day after starting the patch.
• The patient was fully conscious, with blood
pressure 137/73 mmHg and pulse rate of 58
• Her pupil size were 2 mm, chest clear on
auscultation and bowel sounds were normal.
What is the most likely ingredient in the patches?
Which drug class does the drug belong to?
Which enzyme is inhibited by the drug?
What is the most important step in the management
of this patient?
Name the antidote(s) for overdose of this drug.
Case 5
• 47/F
• Hx of Antithrombin III deficiency
• Presented with
• Headache for a few days
• Right side weakness for a day
• BP 130/80, p 90/min
• Afebrile
• GCS 13/15; E3V4M6
• Right hemi-paresis with power grade 4/5
• What is the CT finding?
• What is the diagnosis?
• Any laboratory test can help to make the
• Any further imaging can help to confirm the
• What is the mainstay of treatment?

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