Pacific Wardens - Wellington City Council

Inspector P Stokes
New Zealand Police
Pacific Strategic advisor
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Why have Pacific Wardens
 Pacific People population in Wellington -largest
outside of Auckland.
Helping their own Communities
Language skills.
Role Modelling – Voluntary Service.
Good alternative – early intervention with regards to
Pacific People in Public places – rather then Police
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Police support ?
 Fits in with NZ Police National Prevention strategy –
Police and Community working together to resolve
 Once required standards met, Police will actively
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Who are the Pacific Wardens.
 Normally Pacific Island People – Either from single
Island group or mixed groups.
 The idea/ concept must be community led – Pacific
Communities who identify a need for this type of
Community Involvement.
 Currently, majority of the Auckland Pacific Wardens
groups are affiliated to local Pacific churches.
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Pacific wardens
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Pacific wardens – Comparison to Maori Wardens
 The Maori Wardens are governed by legislation i.e. the Maori
Community Development Act 1962, specifically sections 7 & 16(5), and
are therefore required to be warranted.
 The Pacific Wardens are not governed by any specific legislation but
fall under the general provision of the Police Act 2008, specifically
section 10(2).
 Pacific Wardens do not have nor do they require a "warrant", as they are
volunteers. But they do require the endorsement & support of Council
and Police.
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Is there a requirement to form a legal Entity?
 Being set up under a legal entity is currently not a
requirement but doing so would generally be
advantage’s to those groups wishing to apply for future
funding whether by local Council or external
 Pacific Wardens groups should either establish their
own trust (legal entity), or come under an umbrella of
an existing trust /legal entity. (there must be a strong
connection between the Pacific Warden group and that trust / legal
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How to set up a Pacific Wardens Group
 A Pacific Community group identifies a need and has
the capability to organise and form such an entity.
Seek advice from Council and Police at a local level.
Seek funding for equipment.
Submit membership details to local Police for vetting
Arrange training – Police can provide this.
Commence duties.
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Police and Council Input
 Vetting
 Training :
– basic legal knowledge,
how to carry out duties,
Patrol Member safety
 Advising re area patrolling and options.
 Approval and support of concept.
 Funding of equipment.
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