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Fishy Pie
Ingredients:1 x 15ml spoon oil, 4 salad onions, 1 tomato, 100g frozen peas,
300g de-boned fish (egs plaice, cod, haddock, salmon, prawns), 750g
potatoes for topping, 50g cheddar cheese for topping (optional), salt and
pepper, 2 x 15ml spoons fresh chopped parsley.
1. Peel 750g potatoes.
2. Cut them into even sized pieces.
3. Cover with cold water, put a lid on the pan and bring to the
boil. Cook for 15 - 20 minutes.
4. Put the fish in a shallow pan. Add some of the milk from
the 500ml which you have measured out for the sauce.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Put a lid on the pan and poach over a gentle heat for about
10 minutes.
7. Cut the root and the dark green leaves from the salad
onions. Peel back one layer of skin.
8. Chop the onions into small pieces.
9. By now the potatoes should be cooked. A sharp knife
should easily slip into the potatoes when cooked.
10. Mash the potato with salt, pepper, butter and a little milk.
Beat well to get a smooth result.
11. Save the milk which the fish was cooked in – you will need
it for the sauce later. Break up the fish into small flakes.
Chop the parsley and tomatoes. Measure out the peas.
12. Make the white sauce by the all-in-one method, using
500ml milk, 50g butter or margarine, 50g plain flour. Don’t
forget to add the milk the fish was poached in.
13. Add the fish, peas, tomatoes, onions and parsley to the
white sauce. Mix well and cook for a further two minutes.
14. Pour the fish mixture into an oven-proof dish.
15. Spoon the mashed potato on top of the fish mixture,
starting around the edges.
16. Make a fishy pattern on the top.
17. Or you can pipe the potato on the top, but it must be
completely free of lumps or it will clog up the piping nozzle.
18. Two different patterns to try.
19. Sprinkle some grated cheese on the top and bake for 35
minutes on gas mark 5 / 190°C. Alternatively, you could grill it
until golden brown and piping hot.
20. Garnish before serving.

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