Prefix powerpoint on test 8-22-14

BW 10th Grade 8/14:
Subject-Verb Agreement,
Abbreviations, Numbers, Colon or
Jim Browk hold the nfl record for
touchdowns one hundred twentysix.
• The plot of the story is a series of related
events. These events take place as one or
more characters take steps to resolve a
conflict, or problem of some kind. Some
events are hinted at through the use of
• the main events of a play, novel, movie, or
similar work, devised and presented by the
writer as an interrelated sequence.
• the most intense, exciting, or important
point of something; a culmination or apex.
• The resolution of a story most often happens
at the end of the book; it's the event resolves
the conflict occurring in the story and provides
a conclusion.
• Each event in “The Most Dangerous Game”
will make you curious about what will happen
next. That curiosity is called suspense.
• As you read, look for examples of
foreshadowing that hint at what might
happen later in the plot.
Watch this preview…
• What do you predict this movie will be about?
• Do you think it will be sad or happy? Why?
• What will be the major conflict in this move?
• Before you read “The Most Dangerous Game,”
take a few minutes to make predictions using
a “plot impression.” Plot impressions work like
this: You are given some details from the
story. Then you weave the details together to
create an impression of the plot as you predict
it might be. Here are the details for your plot
impression of “The Most Dangerous Game.”
What do you predict “the most dangerous
game” is?
Key Details
Rainsford, a big-game hunter
General Zaroff, another hunter
Man overboard
Fierce dogs
Ship-Trap Island
A trap
Plot Impression?

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