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Investing in Services
for Outcomes (ISO)
Information for NGOs
June 2014
What is ISO?
Investing in Services for Outcomes is an
MSD programme designed to achieve
better outcomes for children, families,
whānau and communities through
better investment decisions and
engagement with NGOs.
Where does it fit with government priorities?
• The Government wants to make a real difference to
vulnerable people by improving access to, and the quality of,
services that we purchase.
• ISO aims to ensure funding of NGOs is targeted to the
achievement of specific outcomes for vulnerable people.
How will we achieve it?
• MSD Investment Strategy
• Signalling how we will invest future funding, and in what services
and areas
• Moving towards investing in outcomes not outputs
• Continue to support and increase the capability of NGOs
• Organisational Capability Framework
• ISO Contracting Approach
• Streamlined funding and contracting
(MBIE Streamlined Contracting Framework)
What does ISO mean for NGOs?
How will it work?
ISO Contracting Approach progress
Next steps
Key milestones for the next six months (June – December 2014):
• Draft Investment Strategy
• Moving to one contract for providers receiving less than $1m
for 2014/15 funding round
• Bringing together CYF and FACS funding and contracting teams
Improved outcomes for children,
families, whānau and communities
through better targeted investment
Need more information?
• About ISO:
• About the MBIE Streamlined contacting for NGOs
• ISO email:
[email protected]

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