Community Education
Pathways to Success
Model Development
 2006-2009: 9 organizations
 Meeting the needs of low skilled, older youth
 Comprehensive Model
CEPS Program Model
 Youth Development
 Literacy & Math Instruction
 Social Supports
 Career & College Exploration
 Blended Approach
The CEPS Blended Approach
 A philosophy of shared responsibility
 Structured communication about students
 Smooth transitions for students into further
education and career opportunities
 Established protocols for data use in order to
inform program design
CEPS Evaluation Results
 External Evaluation (2006-2009)
 Average gains in 6 month period:
Literacy Gain = 1.7 GE
Math Gain = 1.2 GE
CEPS Organizations
 Now 40 sites in NY and Across Country
 Department of Probation Initiative
The Fortune Society
East Side House
Union Settlement Association
Queens Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library
CEPS Capacity Building
 Training on CEPS components
 On-site coaching for literacy, math, and the
implementation of the CEPS model
 Sharing resources among sites

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