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8. What kind of language do Chinese speak? China has one
national language mandarin and English.
9. What foods do Chinese eat? Fried rice and chicken.
10. What are some traditional Chinese musical instruments?
They use solo
Samoan, a Polynesian language, is the first language of
Samoa. English, French, Tokelauan are other languages
spoken on a regular basis in Samoa
Apia is the capital and the largest city of Samoa with a
population of 37,708. The city is located on the central-north
coast of Upolu, Samoa's second-largest island.
It has been the official capital of Samoa since 195.
Samoa consists of seven islands in the South
Pacific Ocean
Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi is the Prime
Samoa was the first Pacific island country to attain
independence. New Zealand ruled the country prior its
independence. Samoa still retains very close ties with New
Zealand, and there are many Samoans living in New Zealand,
especially in Auckland's southern suburbs. Since 1899, Samoa
had been a German colony, but on 29 August 1914, New
Zealand troops landed and seized the islands unopposed,
having been asked to perform this "great and urgent imperial
service" by Britain
Nearly 100% of the population of Samoa is Christian. There
are also members of other religions such as Islam and the
Baha'i Faith
• On the island of Savai’i Samoa, one version of the
legend tells of a beautiful girl called Sina who had a
small pet eel. When the eel grew, it fell in love with
Sina. This made the girl afraid. She tried to run
away, but the fish followed her. Sina finally sought
refuge in a village, and thinking that she had
escaped, went to the village pool to get water.
• However, when Sina looked into the pool, she saw
the eel staring up at her.
• Angry, she cried 'You stare at me, with eyes like a
demon!' (Samoan E pupula mai, ou
Sina and the eel continue
mata o le alelo!). Village chiefs came and killed the eel. As the fish was
dying, it asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. Sina followed the
eel's request, and planted its head in the ground. A coconut tree grew
from the ground. When the husk is removed from a coconut, there
are three round marks which appear like the face of the fish with two
eyes and a mouth. One of the marks is pierced for drinking the
coconut, and hence when Sina takes a drink, she is kissing the eel.
In Samoa, the fresh spring pool Mata o le Alelo in the small village of
Matavai,Safune , is associated with the legend of Sina[and the Eel.
The pool is named after Sina's words to the eel in the legend. The
pool is open to visitors
Sina and the eel
Chinese fried
Coconut tree in
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