Total Tax Insights - Clear View of Your Taxes PowerPoint

A Clear View of Your Taxes Can Give You
Insights Into Your Financial Picture
Your Annual Tax Obligation?
Taxes Don’t Come Just Once a Year
• Every Day is Tax Day
- They go home with you from every shopping trip
- They hitch a ride on every gallon of gas
- They call out from every phone bill
Questions to Ask Yourself
• How do your taxes add up?
• What’s the impact on your financial well-being?
• Can you do anything to affect your tax obligations?
• Will taxes affect your future financial decisions?
The More You Know, the More You Can Do
• Be aware of the need for financial planning
• Be in better control of your financial situation
• Be better prepared to make important financial decisions
- Considering changing jobs?
- Buying a house, or renting?
- Moving to another county or state?
- Change your saving or spending habits?
Where to Look to Get a Comprehensive View
• Total Tax Insights™ calculator – an easy-to-use online tool
- Gives clearer picture of types and number of taxes you pay
- Estimates amounts you pay for each type of tax
- Generates approximate total of your tax obligation
- Includes taxes for every state, plus D.C.
and Puerto Rico
• Plus other resources to help you
learn more
• Brought to you by the CPA profession
Just a Few Simple Steps
• Go online to
• Click on the state or jurisdiction where you live
• Enter minimum information (estimates are okay)
- The county and/or city where you live
- Your marital status
- Your federal adjusted gross income
- Your number of dependents
• Add other information to get a more
comprehensive estimate
• Do a side-by-side comparison of several
locations, if you want
• In a matter of seconds, your estimated annual tax bill appears
Use Your New Insights to Plan for Tomorrow
• Figure your taxes into your
financial plans
- Household budgeting
- Retirement planning
- Tax-efficient investments
- Funding your children’s
- Where to live
- What kind of car to drive
- Whether to change jobs or
• Seek the trusted advice of a qualified
tax and financial professional
- And many other financial
• Consider tax ramifications
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