6th Grade Transition Night

6th Grade Transition Night
Sunnyvale Middle School
Counselor: Laura McAda
• Welcome 2015-2016 6th graders!
• Differences between 5th and 6th grades
*No Home Room Class – Home Base
*Students Rotate Individually, not by class
*Everyone takes PE (1)
**6th grade dresses out
(gray shirts and blue shorts,
will be ordered first week of school)
*Core Classes (4)
*Electives (2) Band/Choir/Art/DIY
Creations/DI/Theatre/Design Theater/STEM
• 6th grade is not offered Spanish or
Keyboarding, as in 5th grade
• Lunch will remain the same, 5th and 6th
graders go to lunch together
• 5th and 6th grade remain on the same hallway
except for elective classes.
Academic Administrator:
Kelley Prewitt
• Honors Math Requirements (no other honors
• 90% or better in 5th grade Math
• Teacher Recommendation
Grade Weights:
• Daily grades include but are not limited to in-class
assignments, homework, quizzes, class discussions, group
work and participation.
• Assessments include but are not limited to major exams,
CScope assessments, essays, research papers, quizzes,
reports and projects.
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Assessments/ 30%
Major Grades
5th Grade
Band Director:
Jana Crosslin
• The students will be assigned in separate band classes
grouped by instruments.
• Social Activities like Back to School Parties and
Splash Kingdom
• No experience is necessary to be in band…come one,
come all!
• Three Concerts per year, one Solo Contest, and one out of
school Concert Contest at a Festival
• Friday, March 27th will be Band Sign Up Night
Choir Director:
Sandy Shelley
• Evening concerts are a required test grade.
• Minimal cost for choir uniform.
• Hawaiian Falls Contest/Field Trip
• Spring Musical
Art Teacher:
Melanie Phelps
• Use a variety of Media and Techniques:
Pencil, colored pencils, paint, paper
mache, clay, etc.
• Learn about artist and periods of art.
• Supply list required for class.
Art classes available:
Art 1 and DIY Creations (new for 6th grade)
Theatre Arts Teacher:
Rae Harvill
• Theatre Arts class:
Acting, Characterization, Movement
Class Play performed in Spring
Set Design
Costume & Makeup Design
Light & Sound Design
Publicity Design
Prop Design
Destination Imagination
• Student teams solve openended challenges and
present their solutions at
• Teams learn important life
skills like time management,
collaboration, conflict
resolution, and creative and
critical thinking
STEM - Wiessner
• Science
• Technology
• Engineering
• Math
Students will use the above disciplines,
incorporate analytical reasoning skills and team
building to meet project deadlines. We utilize
the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 platform. A strong
propensity for problem solving is recommended.
• How can I stay involved in my Child’s
*Parent Portal
*Teacher’s Websites
*Email Teachers
*Look at the Calendar
• Students have received selection sheets.
• Selection sheets are due this Friday, March 6th
to their Social Studies teachers.
• Registration will be March 19th and 20th .

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