Rev Mary Hawes’s presentation slides

Mary Hawes, CGMC
November 2012
*The Child in the Church
*The Bible and Children
*Children and Holy Communion
*Unfinished Business
*Jesus and the Children
*Children in the Way
*All God’s Children?
*Through the Eyes of a Child
*Gifts of God and sources of joy
*Sinful creatures and moral agents
*Developing beings who need instruction
and guidance
*Fully human and made in the image of God
*Models of faith and sources of revelation
*Orphans, neighbours and strangers in need
of justice and compassion
*Matthew 18:1-14
*The child in the midst
*Children as signs of the Kingdom
*Bonnie Miller-McLemore
* Integrating theology, psychology and feminism
*Joyce Ann Mercer
* Exploring disconnects between what the Church
says and what the Church does
*David Jensen
* Grace and vulnerability
*Kirstin Herzog
* Global perspectives
*James Fowler
*John Westerhoff
*David Hay & Rebecca Nye
*Rebecca Nye
*Brendan Hyde
*David Csinos
*Offering the Gospel to Children
*Gretchen Wolff-Pritchard
*Godly Play
*Jerome Berryman
*Messy Church
*Lucy Moore
*Ivy Beckwith
*Resourcing households of faith
*It takes a village
*With, by and among
*Process not product
*Respecting and valuing
*Faith as a way of life
*Doing what we’ve always done
*Focussing on ‘how’ rather than ‘why’
*Reactive rather than proactive
*Information rather than formation
*Occupying or entertaining
*Leaders who think deeply about
theology, children, church and praxis
*Nurture for life, action and
*Learning from and learning with
*Full inclusion
We are inducting our children into a
form of Christianity that no longer
works for increasing numbers of
We need to start talking about wholelife spiritual formation in a new kind
of Christian life.
Don’t teach good
news become good news

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