PowerPoint - 2014 AYSO EXPO

Tactical Formations
Systems of Play
Module Agenda:
- Vision, mission and
- Different types of formation
- Strengths & weaknesses of
- Choosing the best formation
- How to coach shape and
- Changing formation
AYSO Vision Statement:
To provide world class youth soccer programs that
enrich children’s lives.
Mission Statement:
To develop and deliver quality youth soccer
programs, which promote a fun, family environment
based on our philosophies…
The 6 philosophies of AYSO:
Open registration
Balanced teams
Everyone plays
Positive coaching
Good sportsmanship
Player development…
“You cannot do tactically, what you
cannot do technically!”
4 Popular Formations
4-4-2 strengths
・Strong attack and defense if used properly
・Multiple attacking options
・Can adapt to play more defensive (drop player back)
・Easy to play and easy for players to understand
・Easy to improvise new tactics
4-4-2 weaknesses
・Can become static and limit movement and creative play
・Not especially strong in any specific area of play
・Very predictable to play against and easy to counter
Tactics against a 4-4-2
The 4-4- 2 formation can be a static a predictable formation so
counter that with unpredictable play, i.e., encourage 3rd man runs
from midfield, fullbacks to push on and join in the attack.
4-3-3 strengths
-Strong attack, can stretch defense with wide players
-Ideal for counter-attacks
4-3-3 weaknesses
-Midfield have a lot of area to cover defensively
-Vulnerable in wide areas
-Can limit movement of forwards (with 2 forwards they can
make unpredictable channel runs and switch positions)
Tactics against a 4-3-3
-Control the midfield and use wide areas as the opposition only have
3 players covering the full width of the field. However do not over
commit defenders forward otherwise you could get caught on the
4-5-1 strengths
-Strong midfield, easier to control the pace of the game
-More defending options
-Good attacking options if used effectively
4-5-1 weaknesses
-Striker must be strong (able to hold up ball and hold off
-Midfielders must be able to support otherwise you limit
your attacking options and will encourage the opposition to
pressure at all times
Tactics against a 4-5-1
Encourage wide defenders to join in the attack at all times to even
out the numbers in midfield. They only have 1 player in attack and
therefore does not require 4 defenders sitting back at all times.
5-3-2 Strengths
-Strong midfield and defensive coverage on the center of
the field.
-Can switch easily between offensive and defensive modes.
5-3-2 Weaknesses
-Requires high level physical effort to sustain attacking
-Difficult to give full support both attack and defense.
Tactics against a 4-5-1
Encourage wide defenders to join in the attack at all times to even
out the numbers in midfield. They only have 1 player in attack and
therefore does not require 5 defenders sitting back at all times.
Choosing the Right Formation
-No right or wrong
-Based on your
team’s speed,
ability, endurance,
field size and
speed and ability of
-Experiment in
practice and
Coaching Formation and Tactics
-Players first need to understand the positions
and the roles of each position.
-Visually show the players. First on clipboard, then
on the field.
-Without using a ball ask the team to move together
to adjust to the ball being in different positions on the
field. Then add ball… then add opposition.
-IN GAMES; Do not coach or instruct the player on
the ball. Example…
When And How To Change Formation
Main reasons for changing formation;
-Winning or losing
-Player availability, injury or fitness
-Can you think of any others?
Thank You!
Coaches: Our Role in the
AYSO Experience
Who are the Coaches’ “Customers?”
Everyone Plays!
“Customer service is not a department, it’s an
- Unknown
AYSO Ambassadors
Great Coaching =
Great Customer Service
• Player Development Matters!
• Why We Play the Game the Way We Do
• Nurturing New Coaches
Great Soccer Starts with
Great Communication
You’re the Source!
Setting the Tone
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
Use Your Tools
– Shutterfly Team Site
– Team Parent
– Division Coordinator, Coach Administrator, Board
– Region Website
We’re AYSO Ambassadors!

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