ENTSO-E Network Codes Development Plan

ENTSO-E Network Codes
Development Plan
20th February 2013
• ENTSO-E Network Code provisions will have to
be translated into EirGrid and SONI Grid Codes
• The Requirements for Generators (RfG) code is
the most advanced
• RfG expected to go forward for Committee
deliberation / approval later this year
• TSOs will have three years following approval to
ensure Grid Codes are consistent with RfG and
other Network Codes
Impact on EirGrid/SONI Grid Codes
• The ENTSO-E codes may end up replacing or
superseding large portions of the existing Grid
Codes (80-90%?)
• ENTSO-E SDC want change processes to be
developed and trialled for RfG and then used for
other codes – assume RfG is final
• EirGrid/SONI to explore best way to proceed
• RAs keen to see progress in this area
Overview of Current & Future Network
Related Codes
Requirements for Generators
Demand Connection Code
HVDC Connection Code
Connection Procedures
Related Codes
Operational Security Network
Operational Planning & Scheduling
Load Frequency Control & Reserves
Operational Procedures in an Emergency
Staff Training
Market Related
• Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management
• Forward Capacity Allocation
• Balancing Network Code
Introduction to Network Codes
December 2012
Other Considerations
• Alignment of Definitions in NCs vs current GCs
• Single Document vs Multiple Documents?
• Retrospection – EirGrid Grid Code – changes
apply retrospectively – not the case for NCs
• Shared parts of the EirGrid / SONI Grid Codes?
• JGCRP member views?

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