EUC REA Webinar - Workforce Solutions

EUC Reemployment Services
updated 5/16/2012
Webinar dates: April 26, 2012, May 3, 2012 and May 17, 2012
Webinar Agenda
• Background
• Recruitment
• Providing and Tracking Service
• Exemptions
• Rescheduling
• Reporting Eligibility Issues
• New Law effective March 23, 2012 thru
December 29, 2012.
• Congress extended EUC benefits and added
requirements for individuals filing EUC
• Procedures – WS Issuance #12-05: New
Requirements for Emergency
Unemployment Compensation – includes
desk aid for staff.
Recruiting EUC Claimants
• REA Orientation Appointments –
scheduled weekly by Placement Team
• Attendee Lists – can be viewed in WIT
• Scheduling plan – scheduling most
orientations for Tue/Wed/Thu. Adding
appointments to Mon. and Fri. when
Recruitment Letter Sample
View Attendee List
1. go to Job
Seeker tab,
2. click on
REA menu
3. put office in
4. select View
Attendee List
from the
box on the
Information Packets
• All offices should have information
packets on-hand.
• We’re shipping packets to individual
• Info packets – English and Spanish
languages are on website with issuance.
• Use the packets you have on-hand before
using the new packets.
Info Packet
Providing Service
• Provide Services:
1. Orientation to Services
2. Assess skills
3. Verify work search activities
4. Provide LMI and Career Info
• Refer questions about UI/EUC to TWC
UI booklet and website
1. Provide Orientation
• Open the information packet and pull out
the forms.
• Show the Service Panel to the customer
and point out the services listed.
2. Assess Skills
As needed:
• Review and update the customer’s WIT
application and personal resume.
• Offer advice on jobs matching skills
• Match to jobs and provide referrals.
• Remind customers to keep log of all job
search contacts and activities.
3. Verify Work Search Activities
• There’s no dictated paper form for the job search
record. Accept any form.
• Review all work search provided - look for 3
searches per week.
• If less than 3 - probe for more. Tell customer to
write down any activities not already listed. (job
search workshop and job club activities count only
1 time in a week)
• If unable to verify 3 contacts – do not enter this
service. (see next slide)
• We do not keep a copy of the log.
3. Verify Work Search
Activities - continued
• If the customer comes in and you are unable
to verify there are 3 work searches logged –
do not enter this activity. Decide:
– Is there time for the customer to return with the
completed 3 work searches before the deadline
is up? (Must have it entered within 5 calendar
days of the appointment date.)
– If there’s no time – then report it as an issue.
– If there’s time – then tell the customer to get the
information to you quickly.
4. Provide Labor Market and
Career Information
• Show the customer the packet forms:
– Where the Jobs Are – changes each month.
Make sure to show the customer the most
current version.
– Job Search Resources
– Job Search Seminars
Where the Jobs Are
Finding LMI – on website
Finding LMI on website
Finding the
updated Where the
Jobs Are – LMI
Where the Jobs
Are is located here:
Staff Requirement
• Managers and Supervisors will direct staff.
• Contractor or ES staff can provide the
orientation, LMI and job skills assessment.
• ES staff must review the customer’s work
search records and determine if the
customer is meeting the work search
requirement. (This is the eligibility
Documenting Service
• Staff must provide and enter all 4
services in WIT – or the customer will
be denied EUC.
1. REA Orientation
2. Job Search Assessment
3. Work Search Activities Verified
4. Labor Market Information
Document Services in WIT
1.Job Seeker tab
2.Services Menu
3.Choose Service
4.Choose Service
Example of Services Entered
in WIT
Notice – Job Search ASSESSMENT
• Within the last 3 mos. – the customer
participated in similar activities - including
RRES orientation. *
• Customer is working or has a return-to-work
date within 8 weeks for full-time, permanent
• Other valid reason. (May need to also report as an
eligibility issue.)
* New information.
• The recruitment letter tells customers to call
713-334-5916 (Placement Team staff) to
• Career Office staff should reschedule when
a customer asks you to do so.
• Reschedule within 5 calendar days - for next
available date. (Next available date can be
more than 5 calendar days out.)
Rescheduling - continued
• Always provide service when the customer
comes to the office. (Even after a missed
• If the 4 services are not entered in WIT
within 5 calendar days of the appointment
date - the system sends a “failure to report”
message to the UI Department.
• UI Department sends a denial letter to the
• The customer can appeal.
Rescheduling - continued
• The REA services entered in WIT – will
help speed up the reinstatement process as
UI will still likely require the customer to
attend the meeting.
• Desk Aid on Rescheduling is posted on
• Each office should have staff with
RRES/REA add/edit permission.
Reporting Eligibility Issues
• We expect staff to work with the
customer to identify job search
• If customer doesn’t meet work search
requirements – or has eligibility issues
making him or her unable or unavailable
to work – record in WIT the service
entry Work Search Activities – Issue.
Work Search Activities – Issue
Entered in WIT
Make Sure…
• Staff review the job search log and probe
for information to make sure customer
documents all allowable job search.
• Staff document all 4 required services in
• There are 2 or 3 staff in each office who
have RRES/REA Add/Edit permission.
1. Ask supervisor or manager
2. Web Q&A posted with policy on the
Workforce Solutions is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with
disabilities. Texas Relay Numbers: 1-800-735-2989 (TDD)
1-800-735-2988 (Voice) or 711

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