The Trusted Name in Car Cleaning & Detailing”

“The Trusted Name in Car Cleaning & Detailing”
Fleet Management
"Want Better Value For Money?"
The Jim’s Group has been a household name in Australia for over 25
years. Franchise owners across all Jim’s Divisions have developed a
reputation for outstanding results and industry leading customer
Jim’s Car Cleaning business owners have strict standards for
performance, high personal standards and a strong work ethic. Our
valued clients vary from single car owners to companies running large
vehicle fleets.
Here in Melbourne we have developed excellent working relationships
with many high profile companies including, Dept of Sustainability,
Victoria Police, Subaru, Bunnings Hardware, Autism Vic., Dept of
Justice and Metcash, to name a few.
We can design a “fleet” car cleaning package to suit your individual
needs. This may include staff, equipment, products and insurance.
Our Aim is to make your life easier by offering a
complete service at very competitive rates.
"Want Better Value For Money?"
Fleet Management
Finding good staff and keeping them is one of the biggest challenges
facing business today. Unproductive staff, leave entitlements, meeting
award conditions and other human resource obligations impact heavily
on the "bottom-line".
Help is just a phone
call away!!
We firmly believe that contracting your car detailing needs to trained
professionals who really do care, can save you valuable time and
money. We have access to the resources needed to manage the
presentation of your vehicle fleet. In a nut-shell, you provide the
facility and we'll do the rest for you.
There are many benefits to doing it this way *
Fewer staffing needs
Reduced training costs
Lower administration costs
No equipment to purchase or lease
No equipment maintenance costs
No products to order
Set prices (no hidden costs)
Top Quality Workmanship
Quality Controls in place
Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer a full range of cleaning and detailing services and we can
prepare a package specifically to suit your needs.
From our experience most clients prefer to pay a set price per vehicle
cleaned. Prices therefore will only vary based on the quantity of
vehicles cleaned, site facilities and the type of
equipment provided.
"Want Better Value For Money?"
Cleaning Products & Equipment
We understand the importance of compliance with Work Place Health
& Safety requirements and Local Council regulations, therefore
environmentally friendly products are used wherever possible.
Our current supplier of products carries a full
range of Car Care products suitable for every
application. Material Safety Data Sheets
relating to all products used at your site will
be made available to you.
Our Staff
Staffing requirements will obviously vary based on the number of
vehicles to be cleaned and the services required. We will ensure that
adequate staffing levels are provided to cope with demand.
All staff will –
* hold a valid Victorian Drivers License
* be police checked
* be dressed in High Visibility vests
* be trained professional operators
"Want Better Value For Money?"
Detailing Services
Our Standard Services
Wash & wax/chamois dry
Remove bug & tar marks
Clean & dress engine bay
Vacuum interior & boot
Remove window stickers
Clean & dress door jambs
Dress dashboard & trims
Clean windows inside and out
Clean & dress wheels & tyres
Professional Services
Decal & Glue Removal
Upholstery Shampooing
Hand Polishing & Waxing
Machine Cut & Polish
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
Clay-bar & Paint Rectification
Paint & Fabric Protection
* We encourage water saving methods
using the most efficient equipment available
* We use environmentally friendly products
to satisfy local council regulations.
How can we best service your needs?
As the recommended supplier of detailing services to many corporate
businesses, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and
deliver you the best service in the industry. Please contact us for further
details and to arrange a meeting.
"Want Better Value For Money?"

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