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Stealing Beauty
Unit 2, Week 3
O’Neal 4th Grade
•temples – buildings where people can
•dynasties – families who rule for a long
•heritage – values and traditions passed
down from one generation to another
•preserve – to keep something safe
•overjoyed – very happy
Vocabulary Millionaire
Vocabulary Practice
Vocabulary in Context
•In Egypt, the ________ often lasted for
many centuries.
•Taking care of the land is part of my family
•I was _________ to see Grandma last
•We are trying to _________ our old family
•_________ often display works of art.
Vocabulary: Story Words
•archaeological – related to the scientific
study of the way people lived in the past.
•auction – a public sale at which articles
are sold to the highest bidder
•ceramic – made of baked clay
Vocabulary: Plural Endings
The plural of a word can be formed in
many ways. Many words are made plural
by adding -s, -es, or changing a -y to an -i
and adding -es. Other words have
irregular plurals, such as tooth/teeth.
Some words are the same in both
singular and plural forms, such as fish.
Identify the plural form of:
child, wolf, woman, goose, mouse
Phonics: Complex Consonant Clusters
Three consonants at the beginning of a
word form a consonant cluster. Three letter
clusters can be shr, thr, spr, scr, spl, and
str. The cluster may begin with a
consonant digraph, such as sh, or a blend,
such as sp. The final letter of these
clusters is often r or l. To pronounce these
clusters, blend the sounds of these
consonants together.
Comprehension: Fact and Opinion
A fact is a statement that can be proved as
true. Writers use facts when writing
informational texts about various subjects.
They may also use facts to support their
An opinion is a statement that tells what
someone thinks or believes. Signal words and
phrases, such as I think, I believe, or I feel may
alert readers to opinions. Strong adjectives
that are likely to be expressions of the author’s
feelings, such as ugly, exciting, terrible, or
scary can also be clues that an opinion is
being stated.
Comprehension: Fact and Opinion
•Fact and Opinion Game 1
•Fact and Opinion Paragraph
Text Feature: Parts of a Book
Title page – lists the title, author, illustrator,
and publisher
Table of contents – lists chapter titles and
page numbers
Glossary – gives meanings of important
words in story
Index – lists the subjects covered
Headings and Subheadings – tell what
each section is about
Text Feature: Parts of a Book
•Parts of a Book Quia
•Parts of a Book Lesson
•Parts of a Book Quiz
Reflection: Day 1
Read pages 210-211. Explain the
meaning of the word preserve as it is
used in this selection. Support your
answer with two details and/or
examples from the story.
Reflection: Day 2
Read pages 212-215. Identify one
fact and one opinion in “Finders
Reflection: Day 3
Reread pages 212-215. Is the
statement made by He Shuzhong in
the first paragraph on page 213 a fact
or an opinion? Explain your answer.
Reflection: Day 4
Read page 216.
Why do you think people are willing to
make such dangerous trips? Use
details from the article to support your
Reflection: Day 5
Many people say stealing ancient
treasures is stealing a nation’s past.
Is this a fact or an opinion? Explain.
Coming Soon!!
Next week, we will be learning about inventors
and inventions. The two inventors that we will
read about are Thomas Edison and Benjamin
Franklin. We will also be reviewing problem
and solution.

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