SEDTF Update v1 for ESCC (January 20, 2011)

SEDTF Update
Spare Equipment Database
Task Force
SEDTF Status
 Chair and Vice Chair have been appointed:
• Chair: Dale Burmester – American Transmission Company
• Vice Chair: Mark Westendorf – Midwest ISO
 Task Group Membership (43) includes experts from across the
North American Electric Industry, US Government Agencies, and
Transformer Manufacturers
 Content and Function Subgroups initiated to focus on SED efforts
and scope milestones/activities.
 No slack in schedule to accommodate unforeseen project delays
and complications
 Webinars schedule twice a month (1st & 3rd Tuesday each month),
plus quarterly Face to Face meetings.
 First Face-to-Face held Dec. 8-9, next Face-to-Face meeting: March
7-8, Phoenix, AZ.
ESCC Update
SEDTF Deliverables
1st Quarter
Whitepaper (draft) defining SED objectives and assessing
options/alternatives for a centralized database; including
specification of what that database might contain, criteria for
participation and identification of communication features that
might be incorporated. Complete Whitepaper in Q4.
2nd Quarter
Expand Whitepaper to discuss SED confidentiality, definitions
for long-lead time and spare definitions, state/provincial and
federal support possibilities, and appropriate ‘streamlined’
processes to access SED equipment information and
communication same among entities responding to HILF
3rd Quarter
Expand Whitepaper to define a process for evaluating the
performance and readiness to implement the SED program.
4th Quarter
ESCC Update
1. Complete final whitepaper/report incorporating the findings
of the whitepapers.
2. SED will provide recommendations, but not build or
implement technology solutions.
ESCC Update

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