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World’s Major Religions
This presentation was made
by Kozyreva Victoria form 10
Buddhism is the
most ancient world
religion which
appeared in India VIV centuries B.C. The
religion is followed by
about 400 million
Buddhists worldwide.
The religion is
recognized by many
people with
absolutely different
Buddhism is the main religion in many Asian
countries. Followers occupy regions of
Central, Southern and South East Asia.
Buddhism is a
religion about
suffering and need
to get rid of it. A key
concept of
Buddhism is
Nirvana, the most
enlightened, blissful
state one can
achieve, a state
without suffering.
Buddhism is not
centered on the
relationship between
humanity and God.
The founder of
Buddhism is
Siddhartha Gautama.
He was born around
the year 580 B.C. in
Nepal. He found the
path to Enlightenment
and became known
as the Buddha or
«awakened one».
The symbol of
Buddhism is the
wheel of life. Statues
of Buddha include a
lot of symbols.
Buddha is often seen
with a round mark on
his forehead which is
his third eye. This is
a symbol to show
that he can see
things ordinary
people cannot see.
Tripitaka is the Holy Book of Buddhism,
where a lot of ancient texts based on the
teachings of Buddha are collected.
Tripitaka is divided into three parts.
Buddhists worship at home
or at a temple. They may sit
on the floor barefoot facing
an image of Buddha and
chanting. It is very important
that their feet face away from
the image of Buddha.
All Buddhist
temples contain an
image of a statue of
Every month most Buddhists have special
religious days. These are often days when there is
a full moon. Buddhists believe that there is a cycle
of birth, life, death and rebirth. This goes on and on.
But if a person can gain Enlightenment, they can
break out of this cycle.
Breaking out of the
cycle is called
Nirvana. It is perfect
peace, free of
suffering. Buddhists
try to reach Nirvana
by following the
Buddha's teaching
and by meditating.
Meditation means training the mind to
empty it of all thoughts. When this
happens what is important comes clear.

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