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Brilliance Shampoo
A very gentle conditioning
shampoo formulated with
nourishing concentrations
of protein and vitamins
for all hair types,
including chemically
treated. Also contains a
calming blend of botanical
extracts to soothe the
scalp. Your hair will be
more manageable, fuller
and shinier with every
Silk and Shine Conditioner
Deep-conditioner for dry,
damaged hair as well as
all hair types, including
chemically treated hair.
Three types of
structurizing proteins and
botanical extracts
condition and revitalize
the hair for a healthy
Mint Fortifier
Dual-action performance
that gently refreshes and
invigorates hair and scalp.
Especially effective on
thinning, dry or damaged
hair and leaves hair full
and glossy.
Bath and Body Bar
Like cutting into ripe
oranges, the Allegre Bath
and Body Bar is a delight
to your senses. Its light,
citrus scent and foamy
lather wake up your
senses and gets you ready
for the day.
Glycerin Facial Bars
Treat your family (and
yourself) to the
unparalleled richness of
our Allegre Glycerin
Facial Bar. The heavenly
lather washed off clean
leaving your skin feeling
fresh, soft and
moisturized. Comes in
two fragrances: Rose and
Liquid Gold
A favorite anti-aging
product, Liquid Gold will
hydrate and repair tired
looking skin. Its light
formula makes the skin
look and feel like silk and
protects the skin from
daily stress and elements
Fine Polishing Beads
The gentlest of facial
exfoliators, it hydrates
while effortlessly polishing
and buffing the skin to a
radiantly refreshed look
and a silky-soft feel.
Firming Eye Gel
This lightweight eye gel
will sooth tired eyes as
well as soften the lines
around the eyes. Its gentle
and calming chamomile
base will prove nonirritating to everyone.
SugarButter Body Scrub
An incredible suspended
formulation with a
delicious aroma, this
combination body
butter and sugar scrub
will leave the body
refreshed, revitalized and
oh-so-yummy smooth.
Great for younger looking
Avocado Body Lotion
Light Almond and rich
avocado oils gently caress
the skin, soothing dryness
and alleviating roughness.
Great for use on the entire
body after your bath, as
well as a magnificent hand
Sole Relief Foot Scrub
Smooth your soles with
this botanically
formulated foot treatment,
specially designed to
invigorate and revive tired
aching feet while
exfoliating and softening
rough, dry skin.
This is the most incredible
mascara you will ever use.
The “more than mascara”
brush allows you to apply
mascara thick or thin
while the formula
conditions and lengthens
your lashes.
A wonderful moisturizing
formula in 4 beautiful
colors to compliment
every woman’s skin tone
and enhance her natural
Colors: Sugarplum,
Ravishing, Rave, and New
Vitamin E Stick
The “special treatment”
for the lips no man or
woman should be without.
It will soothe and
condition the lips, creating
a smooth feel, while
preventing cracking and

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