Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Gauss

Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Gauss
• Sir Isaac Newton: The
Short Giant
• Carl Gauss: The
Prince of Mathematics
Newton: Mathematician,
physicist and astronomer.
Gauss: Mathematician, physicist
and astronomer.
• Sir Isaac Newton was
born in 1642, he was
an Englishman.
• Carl Friedrich Gauss
was born in 1777, he
was German.
Interesting Facts and Events
• Newton:
• He made a wooden
model of a windmill,
which really pumped
water. He also made a
clock that ran and kept
time using water
• Gauss:
• He found that a regular
polygon with 17 sides
could be joined using just
a compass and a
straightedge. For over
2,000 years
mathematicians believed
this was impossible.
discoveries in Math
• Newton: He was the
first to scientifically
establish the theory of
universal gravitation.
• Gauss: Many of his
ideas were not
discovered until after
his death, when his
secret diary was
Presented by: Cody Johnston
Cody is the presenter of
Sir Isaac Newton, he
is in Mrs.
Montgomery’s first
period math class.
He is also the presenter
of Carl Gauss

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