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Street view of YEVO’s 95,000 square foot
Food Manufacturing Facility in Reno, NV.
Aerial view of YEVO’s
$5 Million facility
Peter graduated from Duke University, at the top of his class in Economics * Became a
Professor of Economics at Harvard * Became Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity
Group * Acquired 11 separate companies, that while under Peter's astute leadership each
achieved billion dollar annual revenues * Companies like… North Face, Igloo, and Herbalife
* Within five years, with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over $3
Billion in annual revenues * Since then, Peter has dreamed of starting his own network
marketing company, with its own culture and mission, to positively impact world health in
even greater ways. That dream is becoming a reality with the launch of YEVO!!
David possesses over 20 years of experience as a corporate lawyer and
President/CEO in the nutritional industry, as well as serving as a member of
several boards for nutrition research organizations. David has served as CEO
of Metabolife and as President of Natural Balance. Most recently, David
was the CEO of LifeVantage, a NASDAQ-listed network marketing company
that achieved a 300% per year growth rate under David's leadership ($11M
1st year, $38.9M 2nd year, $126M 3rd year.) He voluntarily retired from that
position in 2013 when the vision of the board of directors changed.
CEO David Brown
Kirby was appointed as LifeVantage's Executive Vice President - General
CSO Kirby Zenger
Manager in February 2009, and served as the Chief Operating Officer from
June 2009 until June 2012, when he then became the Chief Network
Officer. Previously, from April 2007 until February 2009, Kirby served as
Executive VP / General Manager for Zrii LLC, another international network
marketing company. He was integral in the architecture and strategic
development of the Zrii business plan. In 2006, he served as Vice President
of Global Sales for Young Living Essential Oils and from 2004 to 2006, he
was General Manager of North America for Synergy Worldwide, a
subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine, a publicly traded direct selling company.
Kirby's demonstrated achievements in strategic planning and leadership
development provides a strong foundation for our new company.
Gene's experience in building comprehensive operations backbones for
COO Gene Tipps
multi-million dollar direct selling companies, both domestically and
abroad (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage), has made him a soughtafter expert across the industry. Gene has lived and developed markets in
many lucrative areas of the globe including Latin America, Europe and
Asia. Coupled with his extensive familiarity with nutritional products,
Gene's worldwide operations background makes him the perfect general
to command and direct a global operations team focused on demanding
systems requirements, quality products, on-time deliveries and
consistent inventories.
Jason has over 20 years of experience in leading international teams as
the Master Distributor of renowned network marketing companies. He
has consistently led companies to achieve revenues in excess of $200
million per year, most recently with LifeVantage. Jason exemplifies the
highest integrity in words and actions. Jason will guide a corporate
culture that is rooted in these same standards of integrity, and is
distributor-focused with the acknowledgement that people are the
company's greatest resource.
Master Distributor
Jason Domingo
Ben was the Vice President of Sales at LifeVantage from 2009-2014
where he coached, trained and inspired his team to produce over $200
million per year in revenues. Prior to LifeVantage, Ben was responsible in
managing $90 million in accounts for Metabolife International, and was
Sr. Sales Director and Vice President of sales for Bear Naked Granola and
Naturade, Inc. respectively. In each position Ben opened new channels of
distribution resulting in many millions of dollars in increased sales.
Ben Seeman
Chief Product
Development Officer
YEVO will have 100+ foods like: Macaroni and Cheese, Chili,
Mashed Potatoes and Chives, Alfredo Sauce, Apple Oatmeal, Top
Raman, Soups… also Puddings, Vitamin Coffee and Vitamin Tea.
ALL of our YEVO meals are filling and nutritionally sound!
Example: A bowl of our Oatmeal has 26 grams of Protein
(equivalent to a 16 ounce Rib-eye), 38 grams of Carbs, 8 grams
of Fiber (equivalent to 1.5 cups of Broccoli), 1½ grams of Omega
3s (equivalent to 4 cod liver oil capsules), and provides ALL 43
Essential Nutrients our bodies require. Note: One YEVO meal
provides all 43 essential nutrients, and gives you 50% of the daily
recommended amount. So two healthy YEVO meals per day will
give your body 100% of your daily requirements.
6. Team Building Bonus (paid monthly)
Be rewarded for helping develop
leaders in your team. Silver1s and
above can receive a Team Building
Bonus on each leg that has at least
one Silver1 or higher.
NO Food Included
Entry Level Package
#2 Recommended
Choice for Leaders
#1 Recommended
Choice for Leaders
Note: Platinum II available with NO Coffee or Tea
* Leaders always lead by example
* Treat YEVO as a serious business
if you want to earn serious income
* The money you spend purchasing
YEVO food, is money you will NOT
spend on groceries this month

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