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Feng Shui
Sam Berger
Jesse McKinney
Feng Shui Defined
Wind & Water
An ancient Chinese philosophy concerned
with living in harmony with the environment
instead of against it
Can be applied to analyze the energy of a
city, state, country or even a classroom
Classical Feng Shui
Scientific and Methodical
Basic Principles
Yin & Yang
East/West compass direction
Solar System
Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water &
Feng Shui Masters
Feng Shui Masters
– highly respected
scientists and
Responsible for
sustaining the
good fortune and
prosperity of the
Royal Court
A Few Rules
Don’t build a house
where a canal or river
flows at the back of
the house
Don’t build a house
beside with a floor
level lower than the
main road
Do not have a
bedroom door that
opens facing another
door, or the stairs
Modern Feng Shui
A new age “scam” associated with
An aspect of interior design for the
A lucrative business adventure,
capitalizing on the sale of octagonal
mirrors, half moon paper cutouts and
the like..
Why People Persist in the Belief
Confirmation Bias
Word of Mouth
What Can It Hurt?
If you got the means to pay a Feng
Shui master to design your house you
got the bling bling and don’t really
have to worry about living in a
cardboard box, health care, or people
bossing you around.
A Test
We are going to randomly select 50
people and give them a house
designed by a Feng Shui master. We
will then randomly select another 50
people and give them a house
designed by Dr. Steele.
Test cont.
We will follow these all 100 subjects
for 10 years. Every year measuring
their wealth (how many Benjamin's
they have in the bank), health (how
many bones they broke), power (how
much butt they kicked).
Feng Shui or Fung Shewey
If Feng Shui is effective we would see
a difference in the health, wealth and
power of the subjects who lived in the
house designed by a Feng Shui

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