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Award Notification and
Acceptance (ANA)
 The ANA module deployed through the
Grants Management System (GMS) will
electronically issue an award instead of
mailing it.
 The grant recipient will receive an e-mail
on the award date instructing them to
utilize GMS to accept their award.
Award Notification and
Acceptance (ANA)
 Grantee has 45 days from the
date of the award to accept the award
 If not accepted within 45 days, the
obligation may be terminated without
further cause
Award Notification and
Acceptance (ANA)
To accept the award the recipient should:
 Go into GMS and designate a Financial Point of Contact
(FPOC) in order to print the award documents.
 Review and print their award in GMS.
 Have authorizing official accept and sign the award and
initial each page of special conditions.
 Fax the complete award package to OCFO at (toll free) 1-866388-3055 or (local) 202-354-4081, or email the pdf file to
[email protected]
 Electronic notification will allow grantees to receive the award
and implement their program sooner.
Conditions of Award
1. The recipient agrees to
comply with the financial
and administrative
requirements set forth in
the current edition of
OJP's "Financial Guide."
Conditions of Award
2. The recipient agrees to comply with the
organizational audit requirements of OMB
Circular A-133, Audits of State, Local
Governments and Non-Profit
Organizations, as further described in
OJP's Financial Guide, Chapter 19.
Note: There is a different special condition for individuals and
for-profit commercial organizations.
Conditions of Award
3. The recipient acknowledges that failure to
submit an acceptable Equal Employment
Opportunity Plan (if recipient is required to
submit one pursuant to 28 CFR Section
42.302), that is approved by the Office of
Civil Rights, is a violation of its Certified
Assurance and may result in funds from the
award being frozen, until such time as the
recipient is in compliance.
Conditions of Award
Anti-Lobbying Act:
4. Recipient understands and agrees that it
cannot use any federal funds, either directly
or indirectly, in support of the enactment,
repeal, modification or adoption of any law,
regulation or policy, at any level of
government, without the express prior
written approval of OJP.
Conditions of Award
5. The recipient must promptly refer to DOJ/OIG
any credible evidence that a principal,
employee, agent, contractor, subgrantee,
subcontractor, or other person has either 1)
submitted a false claim for grant funds under
the False Claims Act; or 2) committed a
criminal or civil violation of laws pertaining to
fraud, conflict of interest, bribery, gratuity, or
similar misconduct involving grant funds. This
condition also applies to any subrecipient.
Conditions of Award
 Potential fraud, waste, abuse, or misconduct
should be reported to the OIG by –
 Mail:
Office of the Inspector General
U.S. Department of Justice
Investigations Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20530
 E-mail: [email protected]
Conditions of Award
 OIG Hotline: (800) 869-4499
(contact information in English and Spanish)
 OIG Hotline fax: (202) 616-9881
Additional information is available from the
DOJ OIG website at
Conditions of Award
6. Recipient understands and agrees that it
cannot use any federal funds, either directly
or indirectly, in support of any contract or
subaward to either the Association of
Community Organizations for Reform Now
(ACORN) or its subsidiaries, without the
express prior approval of OJP.
Conditions of Award
7. The recipient agrees to comply with any
additional requirements that may be
imposed during the grant performance
period if the agency determines that the
recipient is a high-risk grantee. (Cf. 28
C.F.R. parts 66,70).
Conditions of Award
8. Pursuant to Executive Order 13513, “Federal
Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging While
Driving” 74 Fed. Reg. 51225 (October 1, 2009), the
Department encourages recipients and
subrecipients to adopt and enforce policies
banning employees from text messaging while
driving any vehicle during the course of performing
work funded by this grant, and to establish
workplace safety policies and conduct education,
awareness, and other outreach to decrease
crashes caused by distracted drivers.
Conditions of Award
9. The recipient agrees to comply with applicable
requirements regarding System for Award
Management (SAM) and applicable restrictions on
subawards to first-tier subrecipients that do not
acquire and provide a Data Universal Numbering
System (DUNS) number. The details of recipient
obligations are posted on OJP’s website under
Award conditions. This special condition does not
apply to an award to an individual who received the
award as a natural person. (unrelated to any
business he or she may own or operate).
Conditions of Award
10. The recipient agrees to comply with all
applicable laws, regulations, policies, and
guidance (including specific cost limits, prior
approval and reporting requirements, where
applicable) governing the use of federal funds
for expenses related to conferences,
meetings, trainings, and other events,
including the provision of food and/or
beverages at such events, and costs of
attendance at such events.
Financial Management Seminar
Language to the Standard Assurances
 The Standard Assurances form includes
compliance requirements codified under 28
CFR Part 38 regarding the eligibility for
religious organizations to receive grant funds
and the prohibition from discrimination,
among other provisions.
Availability of Funds
 Obligation Period (Grantee’s books)
EX: Award period = 10/1/011 - 9/30/13
Award date = 12/1/11 (Federal books)
 Expenditure Period
EX: 10/1/11 - 12/29/13
 Liquidation Period (90 days after end of award)
Ex: 10/01/13 - 12/29/13
Funds will be frozen 90 days after the end of the award.
Availability of Funds
Pre-agreement Costs
 Costs incurred prior to the project start date
 Written prior approval

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