CDN Event City of Glasgow College

Dart 2.1
Assessment for Assistive Technology
City of Glasgow College
11th Dec 14
About us:
• COGC formed through merger in 2010
- currently have 8 buildings, 4 LS bases
• 25 ‘core’ staff in Learning Support covering a
range of roles
• 16 Lecturers
• 2 Coordinators
• 3 Admin
• 1 AT
• 19 ESWs
• 19 freelance SLIs
Who do we assess?
• every student who declares a disability has their
need assessed
• we have 32, 500 students at the College
• 9 % declare a disability
How we assess need:
• ideally at pre-entry - informal/formal
• PLSP – DSA needs assessment proforma
• DSA if needed for HN
• all case holders are needs assessors, all
BRITE trained
• 1 AT we ‘share’ from 2010
• PLSPs – 686 LS and 607 ELS
•134 DSAs in 2013/14
How we assess need:
• collaborative process
- student at centre
- PLSP holder
- Assistive Technologist
- course lecturers
- Educational Psychologists
- Posturite
AT Role at City of Glasgow College
• Needs Assessment Process
• Collaboration with external partners/internal faculties
• One-to-One training for Students
• Workshops for Students and staff
Needs Assessment Process
Demonstrate Software/Equipment
Collaborative Partnerships
One-to-One Training for Students
Assistive Technology Workshops
Case Studies
• A Dyslexic Learners Experience using iPad Apps
• Using Mind Mapping Software to Plan Graded Units at City of
Glasgow College
• Learner Ambassador: Using AudioNote to record notes in a
Psychology class at City of Glasgow College
Case Studies
• Using iPad apps to support inclusion & productivity
• Technology Enhanced Learner Support in Construction (TELSiC)
Project at the City of Glasgow College
New Campus New Learning:
Definition of AT:
“Assistive Technology (AT) is any product or
service designed to enable independence for
disabled and older people.”
(King's Fund consultation, 2001)
Technology Enhanced Learning Support
in Construction:
ATLAS Project:
• Assistive Technology Learning and Support
• DART 2.1 project ‘deep support’ gave opportunity
to review AT provision
T h e w h o l e AT p i c t u r e ?
•Mind Manager
• range of devices
• use of Apps
• virtualisation
ATLAS plan:
Upskill LS team:
CPD programme
18 iPads
use of apps to support needs
physical disability
sensory impairment
New Build
• virtualisation
h t t p : / / w w w. c i t r i x . c o m / s o l u t i o n s / e d u c a t i o n / o v e r
v i e w. h t m l
• roaming profiles
‘needs led’
working group
North East College
AT R o l e
AT p o r t a l
AT a s s e s s m e n t k i t
student app group
v i d e o d e m o s o f AT s o f t w a r e
AT s p e c i a l i n t e r e s t g r o u p
Supported Programmes
• centralised EQLB
• AT i n v e s t m e n t
M a i n s t r e a m AT
• CALM training
• workshops

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