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LCC Professional/Technical
Certification Requirements
WAC Requirements
LCC Contract Requirements
Relationship to PDUs
WAC 131-16-092
(7) Certification under the standards
specified in WAC 131-16-070 through
131-16-094 is a condition of continued
employment for all professional-technical
education personnel
WAC 131-16-093
 Initial Certification – 3 year duration, nonrenewable
 Standard Certification – 5 year duration,
 CPR/First Aid Requirements listed in this
WAC Requirements
Professional Development
 Maintaining a plan is required in
WAC 131-16-094
 The plan must be linked to
Washington State Skill Standards for
Professional/Technical Faculty
LCC Faculty Contract
 Teaching Effectiveness Plan is now
Teaching Effectiveness/Professional
Development Plan
 The implication is that one plan serves
both purposes (Article 808.3)
Development Plan
 For probationary faculty, your goals and objectives
serve this purpose
 For temporary full-time faculty, the plan must be
created within one quarter if you are renewed for a
second year
 For tenured faculty, the plan must be in place by the
end of the first quarter following the granting of tenure,
and must be maintained annually
 Some part-time faculty must also maintain certification
 Annual progress reports are required for tenured and
temporary faculty.
Plan Duration
 The faculty contract calls for three years
to match the evaluation cycle
 The WACs call for five years to match the
certification cylce
 Guideline:
 Plan on the five year cycle, and you should
always be covered
Relationship to PDUs
 The LCC faculty contract professional
development units (PDUs) are how
progress is tracked and equitable
treatment is maintained
 Collective bargaining agreements are
specified as the mechanism for this
purpose in WAC 131-16-094
Relationship to PDUs
 Submit PDU forms EVEN IF YOU ARE A
 It should be possible to fit any reasonable
activity into both the contract PDU and
the skill standards categories
 See the chief professional/technical
administrator if you have questions

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