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Salford Safeguarding Children
Board Review
Safeguarding Children
• National priority – Working Together to Safeguard Children
(WTSC), Baby Peter, Laming Report and Government response,
Ofsted criteria for Inspection, Loughborough research report.
• Local Authority priority – CAA rating, Safeguarding Improvement
Board, re-structure within Children’s Services, Unannounced
Inspection and Residential Inspection findings, Serious Case
• Partnership priority – WTSC, SSCB effectiveness, key outcome
within Every Child Matters
Salford Safeguarding Children Board
• Established April 2006 – Best value review of safeguarding
• Purpose:
– to co-ordinate locally determined work to safeguard and
promote the welfare of children
– to ensure the effectiveness of their member agencies in that
• National changes in expectations – e.g. review of Working
Together to Safeguard Children
• Evolution - Local Review necessary
Changes required
• Independence – Chair, Lay Membership, Lead Member.
• Strategic Lead – membership, role and responsibilities, supporting
structure, priorities.
• Performance – Getting the basics right – quality, integrated multiagency template for staying safe, impact on delivery and
development of services.
• Engagement and communication – intra and inter- agency, wider
Changes required
Governance, Accountability and Scrutiny –
– Children’s Trust – informed by and informed to
– Salford Strategic Partnership – accountable to: raise profile,
prioritise safegaurding, ensure integration across agencies,
ensures parallel planning and priorities are agreed
– Independent Chair – representation.

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