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Something to Smile About
Lincoln County Health System
Dental Care Is Important
Dental is the second most requested employer benefit only
behind medical
• Despite increased attention to health, many adults
neglect dental care.
• Approximately 98 percent of all serious dental problems
begin with gradual deterioration of the teeth and gums.
• An estimated 7 million days of work are lost in the United
States annually because of "dental conditions."
• New studies show that dental health is linked to other
serious medical conditions such as heart disease,
diabetes, stroke and birth of pre-term low-birth weight babies.
• Regular exams can also detect oral cancers.
Dental Care Is Part of Your Overall Health
DentalBlue offers:
• Periodic dental exams and cleanings
• Low or no cost sharing on routine exams and x-rays
• Savings on periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and more
• Largest dental PPO network in the state
• Freedom to choose any dentist
Advantages of In-network Care
Considerable cost savings when using a dentist who is
a Network Provider
70% of all dentists in Tennessee are in the network,
over 2,000 in all
Network dentists have agreed to discount fees that
can save you an average of 15-30% off retail charges
Periodontal surgery can cost $800 or more, but may
only cost $560 if a network dentist is used. If your
plan pays 50% for Coverage C you can pay $400 or
$280 depending on the dentist you use.
National network coverage through DenteMax – Now if
you or a family member lives or travels outside of the
service area can have access to over 65,000 dental
network providers
Standard Plan Designs
• Benefits are arranged into four levels of coverage,
A-D. Your plan only provides coverage for level A
and B services.
• The standard coverages are summarized on the
next four pages. However, this summary should
only be used as a general guide as there are
additional limitations and exclusions which will
apply. A sample Evidence of Coverage and a
Schedule of Benefits should also be made
available to you.
Coverage A
Coverage A includes:
• Diagnostic Services – exams, x-rays
• Preventive Services – prophylaxis (cleanings),
fluoride, sealants, and space maintainers
Coverage B
Coverage B includes:
• Basic Restorative Services – amalgam restorations (silver fillings),
resin composite restorations (tooth colored fillings), and stainless
steel crowns
• Basic and Major Endodontics – pulpotomy, pulpal therapy, and
root canal treatment
• Basic and Major Periodontics – non-surgical periodontics,
including periodontal scaling and root planning, debridement and
periodontal maintenance procedures; surgical periodontics
including gingivectomy, osseous surgery and grafting
• Basic and Major Oral Surgery - non-surgical or simple extractions,
surgical extractions and other surgical procedures typically not
covered under a medical plan
• Other Services – palliative (emergency) treatment for the relief of
pain, denture repairs
Coverage C
Coverage C includes:
• Major Restorative – crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers,
and other restorative services
• Prosthodontic Services - fixed partial dentures
(bridges), removable dentures, and other prosthodontic
These services are not covered under your plan.
Coverage D
Coverage D includes:
• Orthodontic Services – for the straightening and
alignment of teeth, including exams, photographic
images, diagnostic casts, x-rays, installation, and
adjustment of orthodontic appliances
These services are not covered under your plan.
Added Features
DentalBlue brings you additional value:
Responsive customer service here in Tennessee
On-line claim look-up with BlueAccess
Discounts on vision care, weight loss, health clubs,
massage therapy, acupuncture and more with
Affordable plans
A focus on preventive dental care
Freedom to use any dentist
Largest PPO network in Tennessee with national network access
Big savings with In-network dentists.
Value added features with BlueAccess and BluePerks
Thank you.
Any questions?

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