Study Abroad to the USA

Study Abroad to the USA
 Location: north-central
Pennsylvania. The Town of
Bloomsburg, population
12,000, is adjacent to the
university campus. A
prosperous business district
with more than 80 retail
merchants is two city blocks
from most of the residence
halls; major chain stores and
a mall are nearby.
 Lock Haven is in Clinton
County located in north
central Pennsylvania. The
City lies between the banks
of the West Branch of the
Susquehanna River and the
Bald Eagle Creek. The City of
Lock Haven encompasses
2.3 square miles with a
population of about 9,200.
Exchange Student Registration
Declare your interest to your Programme Leader and the Study Abroad Coordinator.
Decide which university you wish to study at.
Complete Marjon Request to Study Abroad form.
Complete application form for the host institution:
- Bloomsburg University
- Lock Haven University
Select your modules at the host institution.
Send additional requested documents to the host institution.
Additional Paperwork….
• A nomination letter from Marjon
• Student Learning Agreement with selected
• Student’s official transcript (available from Registry Services)
• Certified financial statement
• Photocopy of your passport
• Student health form / Medical form
• Proof of Health Insurance
• Roommate Planning Form
What will you receive from your Host
• Confirmation letter from your Host
• J-1 form for your visa application
• Details about arrival dates and induction
Tuition Fees to Host Institution
• You will continue to pay the same level of
tuition fee to Marjon for the entire academic
year. As you will be participating in an
exchange you will pay no tuition fees to the
host institution you attend in the US.
• You are liable to pay other fees (e.g.
insurance, visa, flights, accommodation in
the US, other relevant expenses)
Approximate Expenses…
Insurance for one semester in the US
Visa expenses: Sevis fee plus visa expenses
Return flight
Accommodation in the US
Don’t forget about living expenses!
Part-Time Work
• Restrictions on working as a result of Student
Visa status.
• You may be able to get work on campus at
some institutions, but do not rely on being
able to do so.
• Do not work illegally as you will be in
violation of the terms of your Student Visa.
Banking in the US
• If your bank card has the CIRRUS or PLUS logo it will almost
certainly work in the US, but do check in advance with your
• Check commission charges for withdrawing cash from ATMs
• Let your bank know that you will be based in the US and
therefore using your card there.
• Ensure cash/credit cards are valid for the length of time
you’re away.
• If you don’t currently have a credit card, consider getting
one. They are very helpful in the US (and good for
emergencies too).
• Set up internet banking, if possible, to better keep track of
your money.
US Bank Accounts
• Sometimes opening an account is a requirement i.e. to
pay your rent and other charges.
• Credit cards are not normally accepted for rent
payments and you must instead pay by cash, bank
transfer, or personal check from a US bank.
• Your host institution will give you details of how to
open a bank account in the US (either on arrival or in
the pre-arrival information you receive from them).
• Initial deposit of funds to your account can be by cash,
cash passports or Travellers Cheques (preferably Amex).
Money can also be transferred from UK account.
• Students often recommend Bank of America.
Cost of Living
• Research costs in advance.
• Significant amount will be spent on books.
• Draw up a realistic budget. Do not
• Remember that you will do and spend more
because you are away!
• Initial costs on arrival can be significant so make
sure you take enough money with you for first
few weeks.
• Not forgetting all that socialising!
Health Insurance
• Comprehensive health insurance is required
by the US authorities for all student visa
• Most of Marjon’s partner institutions have
mandatory on-campus insurance policies.
• We usually recommend Endsleigh Insurance
for students.
Medical Form
• Many institutions in the US require proof that you
have had certain vaccinations and ask you (and
your GP) to complete a form confirming this.
• Note that dental and optical treatment are
normally excluded from insurance cover in the
US. Dental treatment, in particular, can cost many
hundreds of dollars.
• Make sure you have a check-up in the UK before
you go.
• Prescription medication – be prepared!
• Remember you must be 21 or over to buy
alcohol in the US.
• Photo ID is required and routinely checked on
entering bars, when being served by waiters at
tables and when buying alcohol in a liquor
• Alcohol is not on sale in supermarkets.
• Even if you are 21 and have bought alcohol
legally you may not be allowed to take it on
campus as many are designated as ‘dry’.
Other useful information…
• Sharing a room is usual in US dorms. NB Dorms
are residences!
• Check your passport and renew if necessary.
• Make copies of passport and other docs and
have a set with you and leave a set at home. It is
much easier to replace a lost or stolen passport
if you know the passport number, issue date
• Shop around for flights (when the time comes).
The trans-Atlantic market is competitive so
there are often deals to be had.

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