Improving the ROI on your
Data Investment
IHSE/Spotfire Collaboration
European User Conference
Today’s Challenge
• Improve the ROI on P2000/PIDM investment
through increased usage and better
-Increased Rate of Discovery
-Better Access to Data, Reduced IT Demand
-Improved Process
About IHS Energy
• Delivers comprehensive and accurate
worldwide E&P databases
• Unparalleled communication network
with operators, NOCs, government
agencies and service companies
• 17 technical teams positioned around
the world, covering activity in more than
200 countries
Why Collaboration?
• Why IHS Energy and Spotfire?
– Help our mutual clients gain additional value
from IHS Energy U.S. data
– Further enhance our customers decision making
– Prove direct links from Spotfire to PIDM
– Provide better support to joint clients
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• Both companies recognize the value of
• Useful internally and externally to IHS
• Initial focus on PIDM (P2000)
• Developed three scenarios to demonstrate
a proof of concept
• Jointly seeking feedback from NA clients to
guide our future relationship
Proof of Concepts
IHS Energy and Spotfire have outlined 3 proof of
concepts against PIDM :
• Success ratios and relation to production
– Information Model
– Process Guide
– Demonstration (Today’s Presentation)
• Drilling performance by field, operator (50%)
– Information Model
• Bypassed pay – compare perfs to known oil and
gas shows (25%)
– Information Model
• We have been offered the opportunity
to invest in the Sand Hills field
• Our company is interested in acquiring
fields that show promise for further
• We explore many opportunities and
need to be able to screen them quickly
for the likelihood of success
Success Ratio
• What is the likelihood of achieving a
successful well in this area?
• How are our peers performing in this
• What measures should we use to
determine success?
• We explored data directly from the IHS
• We defined our success criteria and
evaluated the likelihood of success for
the Sand Hills field
• Identified a process that could be
reapplied to future opportunities
Better usage of data sources
Improved data access time
Reduced analysis time
Knowledge of the process available to
the entire enterprise
• Increased likelihood for discovery
• Higher return on our data investment
Contact Info
• Spotfire
– [email protected]
• IHS Energy
– [email protected]

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