Air Force Research Laboratory Capstone Program

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Ohio Aerospace Institute
Michael L. Heil, Ph.D.,
President and CEO
Ohio Aerospace
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Accelerating Innovation
Accelerating Innovation
Ohio STEM Call-to-Action Forum
The Ohio Aerospace Institute
October 1-2, 2014
• Video Welcome from Ohio Governor
John Kasich
• Video Welcome from Ohio Senator
Sherrod Brown
Accelerating Innovation
Ohio: The Aerospace State
"The Wright Brothers created the single
greatest cultural force since the
invention of writing. The airplane
became the first World Wide Web,
bringing people, languages, ideas, and
values together.“
Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Corporation.
Accelerating Innovation
The Ohio Aerospace Institute
Private, not-for-profit
501 (c) (3) founded in 1989
First NASA-associated collaborative
Institute chartered to foster
relationships between universities,
aerospace industries, and
government organizations
Strong support from:
– NASA Glenn Research Center
– Wright Patterson Air Force
Base - Air Force Research Laboratory
– Ohio research universities
– State of Ohio
– Aerospace industry
More than $286M in secured funding
More than 360 federal awards
Revenue $14.5M (FY ’13)
More than 65 employees in two locations
– Cleveland HQ (Adjacent to NASA Glenn)
– Dayton – adjacent to Wright-Patterson AFB
Accelerating Innovation
OAI Mission
Enhancing our partners’ aerospace
competitiveness through research and technology
development, workforce preparedness, and
engagement with global networks for innovation
and advocacy.
Research & Technology
Education &
Collaboration +
Innovative Solutions
Accelerating Innovation
OAI Support for Aerospace
Workforce Development
Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council
Scholarships and Fellowships
STEM Education Outreach
Student Project Opportunities
Faculty Engagement
Short Courses
OAI University Membership Program
Accelerating Innovation
Air Force Research Laboratory Capstone Program
University senior engineering students address AFRL-defined
technical challenges
Program designed to improve AFRL Outreach
– Identify talented students and faculty for future hiring or
– Give academia a new perspective on AFRL’s activities and
– Find innovative solutions to AFRL problems
– Expand AFRL researchers’ scope of experts and
14 projects completed/underway to date by University of
Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio Northern University, Wright
State University, Case Western Reserve University, Vanderbilt
University, Brigham Young University, others
OAI STEM Outreach:
FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional
• FIRST Robotics
– National initiative
started by inventor
Dean Kamen and others
– Engage HS students in
intensive 6-week robot
build from standard kit,
followed by
– Teamwork, problem solving, gracious professionalism
• Community partnership with NASA GRC
• OAI chairs planning committee and leads fundraising for
this annual event (over $150K raised per year)
Accelerating Innovation
OAI STEM Outreach:
The Ohio Space Grant Consortium
• 23 Ohio institutions of higher learning
– More than $4.1M in scholarships
and fellowships to date
• Supports students pursuing degrees in
Science, Technology, Engineering &
Math and allied education
• Over 500 undergraduate scholarships
awarded since inception
• Over 150 graduate fellowships awarded
since inception
• OSGC has touched every Ohio county
and Congressional district
Accelerating Innovation
STEM: Worrisome Indicators
• In 1999, 69% of US 5-8th-grade students received instruction from a
mathematics teacher who did not hold a degree or certification in
• 2003 study: Fewer than one-third of US 8th-grade students
performed at or above a “proficient” level in mathematics;
“proficiency” was considered the ability to exhibit competence with
challenging subject matter.
• About one-fifth of the 4th graders and one-third of the 8th graders
lacked the competence to perform basic mathematical
• US 15-year-olds ranked 27th out of 39 countries that participated in
a 2003 administration of the Program for International Student
Assessment (PISA) examination, which assessed students’ ability
to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems.
• The proportion of bachelor's degrees in physics to total degrees
awarded was twice as high the year before Sputnik, deemed a time
of dangerous educational neglect, as in 2004
• In 2001, US industry spent more on tort litigation than on research
Note: As reported in Rise Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing
America for a Brighter Economic Future, The National Academies Press, 2005
Accelerating Innovation
More Worrisome Indicators
• 52% of PhD Engineers in the US workforce under 45 are
foreign born
– Security clearance issues
• Percentage of undergraduate degrees in science and
– Germany: 36%
– China: 59%
– Japan: 66%
– USA: 32%
• Engineers graduated in 2004:
– China: 500,000
– India: 200,000
– USA: 70,000
Note: As reported in Rise Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing
America for a Brighter Economic Future, The National Academies Press, 2005
Accelerating Innovation
Another Worrisome Indicator:
For every Ph.D. graduate in the
physical sciences, the USA
produces 50 MBAs and 18
Source: Forbes, 6/7/10
Accelerating Innovation
To maintain world leadership in aerospace,
America must attract our best and brightest
young minds to STEM education and aerospace
• Aerospace is a high-tech enterprise
– A quality STEM education is essential for aerospace leaders
• Aerospace is not a mature industry in decline- the best days of
aerospace are ahead of us, not behind
– Explosive growth in commercial aviation: Airlines will need over
34,000 airplanes valued at $4.8 Trillion between now and 2033
– Quiet supersonic business jets
– Supersonic and hypersonic intercontinental travel
– Global connectivity- cargo, people, information
– Energy solutions
– Understand our planet
• Environment, weather, climate change, agriculture…
– Understand and explore our universe
– Move beyond our planet
– Safe, reliable, affordable, routine access to space
Accelerating Innovation
Final Thoughts
• Engineering is the heart of aerospace
– “Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create
the world that never has been” Dr. Theodore Von
– “If you list the top problems that America has to deal
with- the environment, energy, national security,
homeland security, the economy, water supplies, and
to some degree health care, the answers are going to
come from engineers, not lawyers, bankers or
accountants.” Norm Augustine, AWST, May 11, 2009
• America’s aerospace enterprise will require educated,
STEM literate employees.
• Education is the key… We must appeal to the sense of
wonder and capture our youth’s interest at an early age.
Accelerating Innovation
How to Succeed in Business: Get an
Engineering Degree
“The most common educational background of
CEOs in the S&P 500 companies … the
nation’s most successful, most powerful
corporations … is not business, it’s not finance,
it’s not economics—it’s actually engineering.”
President Obama
White House Science Fair
October 2010
Accelerating Innovation
• Get Involved
– First Robotics
– Science Fairs
– Mentoring, role model
• Speak up
– Op Eds, letters to the editor, articles
– Talks to schools, Rotaries, community groups…
• Stand tall- be proud of the aerospace community
and what it has done (and will do) to improve the
• “Troops to teachers” model
– Get retired aerospace professionals into K-12
classrooms to teach STEM disciplines
Call-to-Action Forum
Ohio Aerospace Institute
Michael L. Heil, Ph.D.,
President and CEO
Ohio Aerospace
[email protected]
(440) 962-3001
Accelerating Innovation

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